(Whether you feel like celebrating or not!) 

Most of the time when we hear the word CELEBRATE, we think of the word party, or congratulations or success. Something was accomplished and is deserving of CELEBRATION!

Recently, I made two trips to Southern California to CELEBRATE the accomplishment of years! My youngest granddaughter accomplished 4 years of life and my oldest granddaughter accomplished 11 years of life! 

The two parties that were thrown to celebrate these exciting accomplishments were full of fun, laughter, friends, family, food and joy!

Seriously, it was joy overflowing at it’s fullest! These two are women to be reckoned with in the making!

They are sassy, intelligent, serious, determined, athletic, artistic, and have the two biggest hearts on this planet.

They were all about the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS and so were we!

These are my granddaughters and I love them with my whole heart!

Celebrating them is easy, but the accomplishment of each year for these two comes with ups and downs.

They learn, they grow, they make good choices and bad ones. They are loved and at times rejected. They laugh and they cry. They succeed and they fail. And just like us, they have good days and bad ones.

But, there is no question, they are to be CELEBRATED!

It is through their hardest of times, that they become the best of themselves!

The pain is evident and all of us who love them so, would love to take it away.

But we know that the pain causes growth and growth produces change and change brings about character. When we celebrate them we are celebrating the beautiful characters they both have because of what they have gone through. They are worthy of celebration!

Just a few shorts weeks ago we celebrated THE GREATEST achievement the world has or will ever experience, the victory over death by Jesus Christ! We call it Easter or Resurrection Day!

At this celebration most of us also had fun, food, friends, family and excitement! This celebration was also achieved with much perseverance, pain, and suffering!

We do a good job of remembering ‘Good Friday,’ although at the time it was anything but good! Jesus Christ was captured, accused, mocked, beaten, tortured and eventually killed in the cruelest of ways.

However, because God raised Him from the dead on the third day and accomplished what only God can accomplish, life over death, we can call ‘Good Friday,’ GOOD!

Easter is the greatest celebration of all and it is only accomplished through the greatest amount of suffering of all.

Celebrations are important my friends! They give us joy, laughter, togetherness, and lots and lots of fun!

But more than anything else, they give us HOPE! Hope, that even on our darkest days, when we don’t feel like celebrating, there is always so much to be celebrated!

You have loved ones and so do I. And just like my two precious granddaughters that bring me so much love and joy, your loved ones are blessings from God and reminders of His goodness! 

Life is a gift from God and everyday we are given a reason to celebrate!




So whether this day or this season that you are in is a time of growth, trial, or pain, remember it is producing the character in you that God desires you to have!

You are never alone. He is right there with you walking through it.

That my friends is worth celebrating, whether we feel like it or not!

Speak Truth Love

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