Family. What does that mean?
To me it means togetherness, I’m not alone! It means I’m understood, better than anyone else understands me. I do not have to explain myself at every turn or statement, they just “get me!”
It means I am accepted. For good, bad or ugly, it’s just ok for Me to be Me!
Ultimately, It means I Am Loved!

In the Family of God, that’s the way it should be too!

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times.

Family is everything!
God ordained family as the structure He put into place that we are to live under.
Biological family and spiritual family, both are important! One is vital! The family of God, our spiritual family, must demonstrate to the world what family love truly looks like!


Beloved, let us love one another. For love comes from God and he who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not live, does not know God, for God is love!”
I John 4:7-8

If God has given you a biological family that demonstrates Gods love to each other, then you are blessed beyond measure!
Hold on to that my love! Guard it, protect it, and promote it, do not take it for granted! Give encouragement, support, and appreciation to all those in your biological family! Celebrate them! Hold them and hug them, because you have been given a precious gift from God! It is rare! It is priceless! The love you share within your biological family reflects the love of God to the rest of the world. So let your light shine so that others will see the way a family is truly supposed to be!

If you were not given a biological family on this earth that reflects the love of God, then pray for them. Never stop praying for them! God made us family when we were born. We do not pick our family like we pick our friends. We need to pray for them, be there for them, and never, Never give up on them! Pray for them while there is still time! God is a God of miracles! The example you set for others In loving your family members who do not demonstrate God’s love to you, is an even greater reflection of the love of God to the world around us!

Remember, like the verse above says,
Love does not come from us it comes from God. While in our own human flesh and nature we are not able to love those well who do not love us, in God’s strength and spirit we are more than able!
We stand to be the greatest example of God’s love and light when we love those who do not love us back! Most sincerely, it is the most difficult and painful thing to do! But with God’s strength, we can do it. And the world will see what true love is!

As a spiritual family, THE CHURCH, we are also to love well! We should not grumble and complain, we should not find fault with every different style or preference, but we need to love unconditionally the way God loves us!

In this crazy, chaotic world we live in, what greater thing can we show them but love! Real love, God’s love, the kind of love that never leaves us or forsake’s us!
After all, God is love! It is not a piece of who He is, it is all of who he is! God is love first, John 4:16
God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.

When the world turns angry toward our country and its leadership, we show God’s love.

When someone betrays you or turns on you, we show God’s love.

When someone yells at you in a parking lot or on the highway, we show God’s love.

When someone shows favoritism to another, we show God’s love.

When someone treats us unfairly, we show God’s love.

I John 10-11 says it clearly,
This is real love-not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.

I love that phrase! It is simply a response for us to love others, because of God’s great love for us!

“WE SURELY OUGHT!” It compels us! It encourages us! It allows us to rise above our own selfish selves, and put others first! Just as God put us first!

Friends, it is not easy to live or even feel loving when others around us are acting hateful. However, if our heavenly father could send his precious son to demonstrate the greatest love anyone has ever or will ever know, when he was hated, betrayed, and killed, “WE SURELY OUGHT!”

Love one another friends! Demonstrate God’s love to all those around you, deserved or undeserved, and wait and see what God will do! The world will stand, open mouth, and look up to the true author of love!




Speak Truth Love



Fall is in the air, apples are ripe for the picking, and leaves are beginning to turn colors and fall!

It’s good for leaves to fall to the ground and for apples to fall from trees. However, when it comes to us, God keeps us from FALLing when others disappoint and let us down.
We just have to keep our eyes on Him!
Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”    Psalm 42:5

Truth Bomb




Speak Truth Love


Circumstances are tough! Let’s face it. Most days just getting up presents more reasons NOT to smile than to smile! It’s too early, it’s too late; I ran out of coffee, I forgot to buy tea; the weather is too hot; the weather is too cold; I have an ache, I have a pain! The list goes on and on and on…
Truth is, there is always a reason NOT to smile.

However, today I am presenting THE TRUTH, that when Jesus is the Source of our smile, there are too many reasons to keep that smile off of our face!

We are speaking The Truth today, and The
Truth is Jesus gives me far more reasons to smile than not too!
Jesus gives me HOPE! When I read and listen to the heartache and devastation around me, instead of hopelessness, Jesus gives me Hope in knowing He is in control. He promises to “…work all things together for good…” Romans 8:28

That puts a smile on my face as I lift up prayers to Him for His people!

Jesus gives me Grace! When I miss a day of getting up early He gently reminds me that, tomorrow is a new day, and a new start. Instead of defeat taking me over, a smile of renewal spreads across my face!
Jesus gives me Joy!

The Joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10b
He promises me that when Joy fills my life instead of sorrow, I am strong!

More than ANYTHING ,
Jesus gives me Forgiveness! Nothing that I do or not do, nothing that I say, is ever beyond the reach of God’s Forgiveness! Now, if that doesn’t put a smile on my face, nothing will.
When Jesus is our Source, we can get up each morning, put our feet on the floor, and say,
This is the day The Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118

That is Real! That is Truth! That is authentic!

Truth Bomb 


Your smile is real when Jesus is the source!

So smile! Someone is watching! They need to see your Source before they can know Him!



Speak Truth Love




Those words blared from a loud speaker yesterday as I sat at a baseball game with some of my family.


Those words were immediately followed by ACTION! The players ran onto the field ready to play the game. The umpires were in position and the fans rose to their feet in applause!

To “PLAY BALL” is to begin or continue something.

To “PLAY BALL” is to start or continue an action.

To “PLAY BALL” is to work together; to cooperate; to achieve a desired purpose.

When I heard those words ring loudly through the baseball stadium, a chill of excitement ran through me! Something was about to begin. Players who had put time and effort, heart and soul into practicing and perfecting their skills were ready to compete. The players, as well as the spectators, did not know the outcome, but they were ready to “PLAY BALL!”

The game was exciting! One of the best I have been to in ages! The first inning opened with four runs scored. The other team answered back scoring three runs. Back and forth, back and forth, each team continued scoring. The game ended up in extra innings. It was well played by both teams. But as we all know, in the game of baseball, only one team can win.

As Christians, that is not true for us! Our victory was won at the cross. Our Savior died once for all, our victory is secure. WE WIN and our enemy loses!

As I drove home from that game and the words “PLAY BALL” continued ringing in my ears, I began thinking, “Am I ready to “PLAY BALL?”

When I wake up each morning and “run out onto my playing field” that day, am I ready to “PLAY BALL?”
Have I put in “time and effort,” “heart and soul” into my practicing and perfecting of my skills? Have I prayed, asked God for direction, listened to His answer, and spent time in His word? Am I ready to “PLAY BALL” when I hear God over the loud speaker of my life call me into “The Game?”

I want to be! I know that In His game I will be victorious. My team will win in the end.
Oh, the day to day battle certainly takes it’s toll. Life’s demands make me weary. I deal daily with feelings of insecurity and rejection. I have success one day followed by defeat the next.
Life is tough friend, and it is SO DAILY!

Clinging to my life verse keeps me focused and in the game;

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Christ is the one who has won the victory. Christ is the one who makes me strong. Christ is the one who gives me strength when I am weak.                                      Christ in me keeps me in the game!

Our part is to equip ourselves as players. Discipline our weaknesses and use our strengths. Condition our minds and bodies to play this game of life well. Stand firm in the TRUTH we know. And trust completely in our Savior to get us through!

So, if you are like me, and life at times seems difficult and overwhelming…Stay in the Game!
If it feels like you are peddling uphill and sliding back more than you are going forward, Stay in the Game!
If the condition the world is in seems sad and hopeless, Stay in the Game!

Because Friends, The TRUTH is, whether we are in the first inning, the fifth inning, the ninth inning or in overtime, When God shouts over the loud speaker of our life, “PLAY BALL,” WE WIN!

Truth Bomb



Can I get an “Amen?”

See you next week!

Speak Truth Love