Seeing clearly

Have you ever been in a battle so long and so tough, that you have begun to feel like all you will ever do is fight?  

Fighting is not the mode that Jesus wants us to live our lives in, but at times it feels like the fight will never end. 

I was recently in an airplane flying home from my “happy place,” and suddenly the plane was flying through the middle of some of the thickest fog I have ever seen. I stared out the window and saw nothing but white cloud, everywhere I looked. Because my flight is only an hour long, the plane never gets so high that I can’t look out the window and witness the beauty of California. It goes from the ocean to the mountains to the rolling hills, farmland, and finally back to the ocean as I get to my destination. I always choose a window seat so I can get the best view. 

But this time the fog was not only outside my window, it started to rise up in my soul and overwhelm me. I kept staring out the window and all I could see was white, white, and more white. I had been in a battle for four years, fighting for what I believed was right, for someone I love very much. I also had been in a spiritual battle for six years, fighting for what I believed was right in Jesus’ name. I was tired and beat up, I was battered and weary. All I could see was fog…thick, dense fog!

But in the middle of staring at the white all around me, while longing to see the tips of the snow covered mountains, God called to me to stay in the fight!  Don’t give up! Have faith in Him. And keep fighting.  

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  Isaiah 55:9. 

God was reminding me through the thick dense fog that the problem was my vision, not His. Rick Warren put it like this: It’s really a matter of patience in the waiting. The toughest kind of waiting occurs when you are in a rush, and God is not. Being patient is both the evidence of your faith, and the test of your faith. An analogy of this is being at the Rose Parade. You are standing on Colorado Boulevard. All of the floats are turning the corner in front of you, one at a time. It seems like they are all passing you by slowly, with no end in sight. But God is like the pilot of a helicopter, high above. He can see the beginning and the end, and everything else in between. My vision and your vision is limited by what is in front of us. But God’s vision is limitless: He can see all things at all times.


When I can’t see through the fog, God’s vision is still 20/20!

My fog was lifted and I am giving God all the praise, honor, and glory!  He did what only He can do!  And it was truly miraculous.  But His miracle didn’t come when I wanted it, or how I wanted it. Instead, His miracle came right on time!  Because, unlike my blurry vision, God’s vision is 20/20! 

Whatever fight you find yourself in, if you see nothing but fog around you, God sees you, my friend. His vision is 20/20. He sees you and He will produce patience and faith in the waiting!

Speak Truth Love

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