Listen Well

I have a beautiful sister who celebrates her birthday today! I celebrate her and thank God for giving me a wonderful sister who listens so well!

When my life with her started, I was bending down to sit on the floor and play with her. I was bending down to crawl on the floor with her and build block towers. I was bending down to give her a hug and a kiss. And, I was bending down to hold her hand and walk along side her as she began to take her first steps. I was only five and she was only one, but after all I was the big sister, and that was my job.

The years pasted quickly, sometimes way too quickly! These days both of us find ourselves well into our 50’s! However, to this day she has become one of the best listeners that God has put in my life!

She listens well, and she listens long. Now you may think I accidentally wrote that word… Long! But I didn’t! Some people will listen to us for a short amount of time, out of courtesy or out of obligation. Not my sister Lynnie. She listens long and she listens well. She does not constantly interrupt and interject with helpful tips or ways to end the conversation. She truly hears what you are saying and makes you feel cared for and loved as she listens to you intently. It is a gift!

God offers the same gift to us through prayer. God not only answers our prayers when we pray them to Him, but He tells us that He bends down to where we are, and He listens.

Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.

Psalm 116:2

When my sister was younger, I bent down to her to have a relationship with her. She was not my same age, and she was not my same size, so I bent down to her. As she grew up and we became equals, she began bending down to me to listen when I needed her.

In the dictionary, one of the definitions of the bend is, “ to cause, to submit, or yield; to bend to one’s will.” When we choose to bend down and are not “broken“, we are submitting our will to the will of someone else. That is what our heavenly Father does for us! When we pray He bends down and He listens! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need someone to listen! This world is tough and life gets difficult. Sometimes I may have the answer, and sometimes I may not, but I always need someone to show me they care by bending down and listening. God is always there for me and He always bends down and listens when I pray!

When you pray, I will listen.” Jeremiah 29:12



Our Heavenly Father bends down when we reach up.

I am praying to you because I know you will answer, oh God. Bend down and listen as I pray.”  Psalm 17:6

God is always willing to bend down and listen! All we have to do is reach up to Him!

Are you reaching up?

Are you frustrated and struggling with an area of your life? 

Are you reaching up to your heavenly Father?

Are you tired and weary from life being so “daily?”

Are you reaching up to your heavenly Father?

Are you dealing with a situation bigger than yourself? 

Are you reaching up to your heavenly Father?

Just reach up! Your heavenly Father is faithful! He will bend down, and He will listen!

Happy Birthday Lynnie! I love you!

Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “Listen Well

  1. This blog is so special to me Lis! It truly is the best Bday gift you could give me. A reminder to always reach up in good times and bad. I love you so…I am so very greatful to be your Lil’ sis😁

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