The Bird at my Window

This week I have had a bird at my window. Actually, at my windows, plural!

My favorite part of our home is our ten, large, rectangular windows in our front room/dining room. They are followed by a large sliding glass door leading to the outside patio.  You read that correctly…I have ten large rectangular windows in my front living room! While it may be an architectural wonder, it is truly my favorite feature of our home. Some may call it “wasted space”, but I call it marvelous! The ten windows below are covered with white wood blinds, but all five of the top windows are uncovered, allowing the beautiful outside, inside! From the first step I took into this home, my eyes were drawn up to the five uncovered widows. Out of them I see oak trees from every angle, with their branches intertwined, creating a painting like view. Peeping though the branches of the oak trees is the sky and clouds. On clear days the sky is blue and the clouds are puffy white. On darker days, the sky is grey and the clouds are flat with dark hues underlining their forms. But those trees are always there, visible from every angle and every level. I wake up to them as I begin my approach downstairs to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee each morning. I stare out at them as my feet descend down each individual step of the staircase. I sit and gaze up at them from my spot on our sofa as I begin my morning prayer time with God. I LOVE these windows! My favorite part is that they bring the outside into me, as I sit comfy and cozy on my sofa and gaze out of them.

This week something crazy happened at my windows, that I have never seen happen before.

I heard a soft banging sound and began looking around my home. It sounded like it was up high, so I glanced up and saw a small bird fluttering like mad and hitting my window again and again.

At first it was beautiful to watch. It did not seem to be hitting the window too harshly, and did not seem to be hurting itself. I stood and watched for some time, thinking it would become exhausted and stop. It didn’t stop! My grandbabies were in the house with me and my grandson said, “Mamma, you should open the door and let the bird in!” As I explained to him that the outside was his home, and if we let him in he would be trapped, panic and eventually die, I realized God may be teaching me a lesson through this tiny bird visitor.

Why was this little, winged creature so discontented with his outside surroundings, and so desperate trying to get inside to different surroundings?

I was convinced that it must be the fact that she had a nest somewhere above or beside the window. I looked outside and there was no nest!

Then something even stranger took place. I woke up the following morning to the same soft banging sound, and watched my tiny friend flutter and fly and try her best to get inside when she was created for the outside.

God began to speak into my heart this scripture verse…

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t YOU, (Lisa), far more valuable to Him than they are? Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”  Matthew 6:26

I have been allowing “worry”, to take up way too much of my time lately. I have been allowing myself to believe that I can change or control my circumstances by worrying and fretting. I have been frantically pounding my head against a wall, or window, like my bird friend, and spending precious time trying to get into something or somewhere I do not belong. God is calling me to rest in Him, and learn to be content where He has me instead of frantically, in vain, banging on a wall or window I was never intended to be inside of.

Contentment is a difficult position for us humans. Maybe some of our bird friends even share the issue of discontentment. But I believe that learning to be content in the area God has placed us in is a valuable lesson we all need to learn.

Truth Bomb


True contentment is found in knowing we are valuable to God.

Our heavenly Father cares for us. He is faithful to provide what we need, when we need it. We are valuable to Him. When He places us somewhere, He will give us all we need to sustain us while we are there.

Trust in God and find your contentment in where He has placed you. After all, can all of your worrying add a single day to your life? No, but God can give each and every day of your life peace, contentment and fulfillment.

I am anxious to wake up tomorrow morning and see if my bird friend has learned this lesson yet!

Speak Truth Love

4 thoughts on “The Bird at my Window

  1. Isn’t it interesting that as soon as we “Trust in God” we do find contentment no matter where he places us. What a wonderful God we have and how blessed we are by Him.

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