When you have a terrible day at work or at home, what do you do? When the doctor gives you bad news, what do you do? When loneliness or discouragement seems to linger like a dark cloud, what do you do? When someone you love is hurting, what do you do? When you turn on the T.V. or read the headlines and disaster, gloom and tragedy seem to lurk around every corner, what do you do?

The better question for me to ask may be…Who or what do you run to?

Do you drive through your favorite fast food restaurant, or do you order a cookie from Crumbl and have it delivered to your car? (Maybe I’m getting too personal here!) Do you devor that entire chocolate bar or bag of chips? Do you reach for that glass of wine, bottle of beer or other substance to “calm your nerves?” Do you desperately hit that number in your favorites and call that person whoever “that” person may be?

The trouble is, none of the above ways will bring us lasting peace. None will heal a hurting and wounded heart. None of the above can provide anything but temporary relief at best. There is only one source that can make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE and that is the FIRST PLACE WE SHOULD ALWAYS GO! 

He heals the sick, raises the dead and gives sight to the blind! His compassion never ends and He is never too busy or preoccupied! He never puts you on hold, or sends you a text or email, He always picks up! He does not leave you with extra pounds around your middle or a hangover! He never tells you to calm down, chill out or stop overreacting or being too dramatic. He sees you, knows you, loves you and understands you before you even speak a word. 

But He does WAIT!  He waits for you to put Him first. For Him to be the one you run to before you make that phone call. For Him to be your source of comfort before you eat that fast food or yummy cookie. For Him to calm your nerves before you take in that substance. 

He waits for you to put Him FIRST and make Him your first thought and not an afterthought!

Jesus tells us to come to Him first and when we do He is ready and waiting and will take our burdens and give us peace/rest!

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28



Life is tough, it can throw us a curveball at every corner. Just when we think we have fought one battle another seems to rage. One day we wake up and the sun is shining and the songbirds are singing and before that day draws to an end a new battle begins. But Jesus never intended for us to live this life without Him. His desire is not for us to attend church service on Sunday and put Him on a shelf in our lives for the rest of the week!

No! Jesus is to be our first thought, never an afterthought. When we learn the practice of “Putting First Things First,” AKA JESUS, we will experience His power in our lives and we will be at peace and find rest as He makes our burdens light!

Speak Truth Love

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