Refresh your soul

When you hear the word refresh I’m not sure what picture comes to your mind? But I could venture a guess that it’s something to do with water! A serene lake, a cold and crisp mountain spring, a calm slow moving babbling brook, or maybe the rolling waves of the ocean crashing on the shore and moving back out again and again and again.

We all need a refresh! We all need to feel our souls being washed over by the only refreshment that truly refreshes…The spirit of God!

A refresh of God is not only needed it is essential. And there is only one way to get it, by spending time with Him!

On this first day of a new month instead of reading too many of my words, spend time reading God’s word!

He truly is the only refreshment that will cleanse you, heal you, and set you free from all doubt, worry, fear, anxiety or grief. Our God is a God that refreshes!

Truth Bomb

True refreshment only comes from the Spirit of God!

So on this Truth Bomb Tuesday, this girl of many words is going to share very few. Instead I am going to the only source of true refreshment for my soul, God and His Word!

See you back here next week refreshed and ready to tackle a new month ahead!

Speak Truth Love

One thought on “Refresh your soul

  1. This is good Lisa. Get back to the fundamental way to refresh our souls and our very lives. Open the Word! Sitting down right now and turning to 2 Samuel 10.


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