CELEBRATION: Celebrating, Even When It Hurts

This title may sound like an oxymoron! After all, the word Celebrate implies excitement, exuberance, happiness, joy and all of the other fun and fuzzy feelings that go along with it! But today I am celebrating even when it hurts.

The definition of the word celebration is;

“A celebration is a special event that people organize because something special has happened or because it is someone’s birthday or anniversary.”


“The celebration of something is giving praise and appreciation to it or for it.”

When I reflect on the first definition given for CELEBRATION, it hurts.
Today is my Mom‘s birthday and she was the queen of celebrations!
She made every birthday, every holiday, every graduation and every success the best celebration you have ever seen! Everything matched and had a theme! From the napkins and plates on the table, to the flowers and decor, right down to the perfect dish and dessert! No detail was left out! And maybe, the best part of all, was the gift she gave you that was picked perfectly with you in mind! Truly my mom was the queen of celebrations!

In turn , it was a joy to celebrate her! She loved every little detail and unique piece of the celebration you would give her. Her Birthday was always greatly anticipated by my sisters and I! The last most special memory I have is when we all came together at my house and bought matching pajamas for all five of us and had a sleepover! My mom was literally in heaven! And so were we!
Her four girls, dressed alike in matching jammies, laughing and singing happy birthday to her as she blew out the candles on her cake.
She had only started to forget a few things then. Her mind seemed confused at times but she could still take pretty good care of herself! I was still in denial that anything was going on except that she was aging.
That denial turned in to reality and acceptance as my sisters and I had to face the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.
And today it’s her birthday! I still celebrate her but the celebrating hurts! I must look to the second definition of celebration.

Today I am celebrating my Mom and giving thanks and appreciation for her!
She is my Mom! She is and always will be the queen of celebrations! My very best memories of her are of the love and generosity she showered over me and everyone she loved with the best celebrations ever! 
The lesson of learning to celebrate even when it hurts, it’s a profoundly spiritual lesson. I can celebrate the fact that Jesus loves me even when my prayers are not answered the way I want them to be. I can celebrate God‘s love even when someone I love is hurting because God’s love is faithful and true. I can celebrate eternal life even when life on this planet is over. And I can celebrate my Mom’s birthday and thank God for her life!

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33


Life is a gift from God and should be celebrated every day!

My Mom learned how to celebrate from her Mom my Grandma. And I learned how to celebrate from both of them! I have passed it down to my children and now my grandchildren who LOVE a good celebration!

The greatest tradition about celebrating that my Grandma taught me was to wake up every day that we have breath and thank God for the gift of today!

Today I am thanking God for my life and for the life of my Mom! It hurts a little knowing that we can’t celebrate like we used to and although she sees me and knows she loves me and I love her, she doesn’t really know me. But every day that she has breath I will celebrate her! And every day that I have breath I will thank God and celebrate the day! 

Each and every day is a gift from God! 

How will you celebrate it?

Speak Truth Love

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