A baby’s first words may be “DA DA,” or “MA MA,” but the majority of the time, their most frequent word is, “MINE!”  They want what they want, when they want it, how they want it and basically, do not want to share it! Much of a parents’ time in the child’s formative years is spent hearing this word, and teaching the child to share.

Are we any different? We typically want what we want, when we want it, how we want it and would prefer not to have to share it!  God knows and understands this deep rooted nature within us. That is why much of His Love Letter to us, The Bible, focus on the word, “MY!”

We may have grown up and matured past the primitive form of this word, “MINE,” but we still long for the “MY,” in our lives, that which we personally possess.

I hope that you have been reading through Psalm 23 with me this week. I truly hope that you were able to put your own personal name into it and understand that God is speaking to you personally through it!

Need more proof?

We cannot get more than four words in on the 23rd Psalm without seeing the word MY!

The Lord is MY Shepherd…”

It does not say, a shepherd, or the shepherd, it says, “MY SHEPHERD!”

David is talking about God here in a very personal way. The text indicates that David is speaking about someone he has a safe, comfortable, intimate, and even permanent relationship with. He is not referring to some great and mighty being out there in the cosmos! He is talking about his God in a loving, close and confident way. He is not speaking about someone he has an acquaintance with, he is speaking about someone he belongs to!

There is such great comfort in BELONGING! It brings security, knowledge, comfort and love in its connotations. David is talking about someone he knows, someone he trusts, and someone he can rely on. He is talking about MY God! Is he talking about your God? If so, than I hope you will join me in continuing to read through the 23rd Psalm daily, and this week not only put your name into it, but look up other passages in the Bible where it begins with, “THE LORD IS MY…” 

I think you will be amazed at just how personal our God truly is!

I will start you off…

“Behold, God is MY helper, The Lord is the upholder of MY life.”  Psalm 54:4



Speak Truth Love

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