What is resting anyway?

I struggle with the concept of Sabbath.

I perfectly understand the Biblical definition, and I agree with it wholeheartedly! But translating that Biblical truth into my life and character is a whole different ball game!

Even when I desperately need rest and spiritual filling, it is still hard for me to “Sabbath.“

I know there is a need to recharge, recoup, relax, restore, and refuel my tired, weary body, mind, Spirit and soul.

Yet demands of life and time restraints keep me from Sabbath! Then there’s financial reasons to not go to a quiet still place, coupled with major character flaws that don’t allow me to truly Sabbath in a home I feel the need to take care of constantly.

And those character flaws I just mentioned, also hinder me from sitting in a beautiful green spot as I do my best to focus while the wind beats on me, the sun bakes me or the bugs bite me! Then my focus is truly taken away and I’m not really resting at all!

What are your excuses? 

What are the habits, the obstacles of life, and the character flaws that keep you from truly having a Sabbath rest?

Maybe you need someone who cares about you, loves you and knows that Sabbath rest is an essential part of a healthy spiritual life!

Enter a faithful friend who knows what you need and cares enough to make it happen!

Getting away to a place where your mind, heart and eyes are free of duties, obligations and responsibilities is key. 

Spending time in Gods creation, reading His Truth, singing songs of worship to Him and resting from work is truly SABBATH!

We ALL need it! God tells us that we do! However, the Biblical mandate to SABBATH is to allow us to focus on God, renew our spirits with His love and presence and to restore our selves back to serving Him.

While it is vital to carve out the important time to Sabbath, it is also vital to not Sabbath for too long!

Quote from the Elijah study by Priscilla Shirer, 

“Comfort and steadiness is what we crave, but overstaying our welcome in one place can rob us of the work God intends to do in us at the next one.”

Sabbath is not intended to be an every day practice. As hard as it may be to get there and truly receive a Sabbath rest, we also must caution ourselves from staying there too long!

You know the old saying,

“Guests are like dead fish: they start to stink after three days!”

So, if we want to maintain a pleasant aroma and still receive rest we must learn to truly Sabbath!

Biblical definition of Sabbath: A day of rest, ceasing from all work, dedicated to the God.

Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy…Sabbath day of rest is dedicated to The Lord your God. On that day no one in your household can do any work.” Exodus 20:8,10



Returning from that Sabbath experience lifted my spirit and recharged me to serve God with renewed strength! 

I felt like David of old,

He led me to green pastures. He led beside quiet waters. He restored my soul.” 

Psalm 23:2

Speak Truth Love

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