Seems so trivial these days doesn’t it, to find joy in something as small as the foam on the top of your coffee cup?  

But I have started wondering, no, actually searching my heart and asking God if it is in the small things that He wants me to find joy?

The small things that I can still find in the midst of chaos and crisis. And as I lean into these seemingly small, insignificant things, God reminds me, “Isn’t it in expecting or looking for the “BIG” things that you get discouraged, depressed, and defeated?  

I have to ask myself, Do I spend too much of my time looking at the “BIG” thing? The fact that I don’t have it, or that I desire it, and then get discouraged because it isn’t here yet, or I can’t have it, or it’s too expensive, or I can’t attain it, or the world is fighting against me to get it…you fill in the blank!

So, I’m beginning to ask God if indeed it is in the small things that He gives me each day that I am to find Him in!

Like the laughter of my grandchildren as they climb high up on the “spider web” climber at the park and reach greater heights than they did the year before! Like the exhilaration you feel when you reach the top! The joy of hearing the squeals of laughter that come from my grandchildren as they spin around and around on the super spinner at the playground! The joy of sticking your fingers into fresh dough and kneading it and watching it rise. The joy of squeezing four of you into one big bed and snuggling close and saying goodnight prayers together. The joy of knowing this may be the worst night of sleep, but the most joyful! Finding joy in singing the ‘Chick-a-boom’ song with my precious granddaughter over a FaceTime call. The joy of seeing her little head rest on her shoulders as she hears the words,’Chick-a-boom, Chick-a-boom don’t you just love it…’ 

The joy of a phone call with a friend knowing you heard her heart and she heard yours! The joy of listening to a song, seeing a beautiful flower or smelling fresh cookies bake!

I believe that it is in the seemingly “small” things that we find God’s joy. And it is in the letting go of the striving for the “BIG” things that brings contentment and focus!

You will fill me with joy in your presence.” Psalm 16:11




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One thought on “NEW MONTH, SAME STORY

  1. Yes! I was just thinking the same thing yesterday when I harvested lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden and made myself a salad. We must choose joy and find Him in the little things. ❤️


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