Fishing is known as a sport that can produce great peace. Now certainly you can go deep sea fishing and take on tackling huge fish with great strength, but the majority of fisherman take a somewhat small boat out onto a calm body of water and set themselves up alone, surrounded by God’s natural beauty, throw a line into that calm body of water and sit and wait. They wait for a tiny tug on their baited line. They ponder the still, quiet beauty that surrounds them, and they wait.

Peace is also known to be produced by this sport because the routine of “doing it” is consistent and known. There is no “blind side” hit from the outside, there is no curve ball thrown 90 miles an hour, and there is no left foot hook coming from the outside and scoring a goal.

It is fairly predictable. If you keep your eye on the weather, you are fairly sure to have success.

The problem with fishing is the very reasons it is pleasing can become the same reasons it is monotonous!

Do you find yourself doing the same old thing over and over again?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut, one that you cannot seem to get out of?

Do you sense the need for change, but it is so easy to just keep going back to what is known?

As you face this new year of 2020, are you ready for something new?

Have you already attempted a “New Year’s Resolution” and failed like the majority of the population?

Are you continuing to settle for “JUST GOING FISHING,” because it is comfortable, because you know it so well, because you are in control?

Two of Jesus disciples found themselves in this situation, they were “JUST GOING FISHING.”  

They were not doing it simply for sport, yet there is no indication that they did not enjoy it, they fished also for their livelihood!  

Jesus noticed two fishing boats at the water’s edge, for the fisherman had left them and were washing their nets.”                    Luke 5:2

Simon Peter and Andrew had “JUST GONE FISHING” and were now washing their fishing nets, when they encountered JESUS!

Stepping into one of the boats, Jesus asked Simon, it’s owner, to push it out into the water.”    Luke 5:3

Jesus had stepped into Peter’s “normal,” and was about to “rock his boat!”

Because Peter had obeyed what Jesus asked of him, he was poised to receive what The Lord had for him!

Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.”  Luke 5:4

Peter responds as most of us do when we have our boats rocked, “I have already tried that, but if you say so, I will.”

Is that not how most of us respond?  We have prayed long and hard for something and nothing is changing so we just “keep on praying” out of practice or habit, but where has our FAITH gone?  Or we have tried that new exercise plan, that new healthy eating plan, or that new Bible study group and it has not brought the change we had desired because we were doing it in our own strength!

Master, Simon Pater replied, we worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing. But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.”   Luke 5:5

When Peter lets the nets down this time they are so full of fish that the nets begin to tear!

And this time their nets were so full of fish they began to tear!”       Luke 5:6

Do you need a new net, a clean net, or a net full of fish? I know I do!

The start of a New Year offers us a fresh perspective on what has become just routine,  and what needs to be replaced, (AKA made new), what needs cleaned, and what needs completely made full!

In this beautiful picture of acknowledgement, self worth and redemption, Jesus offer just that to Peter and Andrew.

I believe He wants to offer that to us today!

We may be doing “the same old thing,” but we can go deeper with God and “let our nets down!”  

Read His word with purpose and intent! Sit still and listen for Him to speak after you read it! Ask Him to speak to you and fulfill His purposes in you and through your life!

We may also feel like we have been trying for so long and with so much effort that it is no good, our situation will never change. Don’t lose hope! Keep following and praying for the FAITH to believe and see His path clearly, and then obey! Take the necessary steps He is asking you to take so that you will receive His blessing!


I was so amazingly blessed to be able to be on the Sea of Galilee just a few short months ago!  It was one of my favorite places in all of Israel!  It was so peaceful, so calm and so beautiful. As I sat on the boat and imagined Jesus sitting there next to me, I had to ask myself, what would He ask me to do?

The answer came loud and clear to me as if Jesus Himself was standing on the shore and speaking it directly to me…

“Continue to throw your nets into my water. If you do, they will never return empty!”

He was asking me to continue to trust Him for all of the plans for my life!



Friends, I believe He is asking the same of you!

If we are His disciples, called by His name to shine His light in a dark world, then He will fill our nets to overflowing when we trust in Him and throw our nets into His living water!

Speak Truth Love

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