I love the Fall season, don’t you?

I love pumpkin everything and truly can not get enough of my pumpkin spice latte’s! I love fall baking, fall decorating, fall dressing and most of all fall eating! I mean, why does pumpkin added to a cookie, muffin, cake, or doughnut almost change the course of history? Pure deliciousness in every bite! I love seeing the colors change from bright gold, to fire red, and that orange pop! I love walking through the leaves and hearing the crunch, crunch, crunch under my feet. I love apples and I love going to Apple Hill with the family! But by far the thing I love the most is the countdown of each and every day of October, then November until it is THANKSGIVING! I love my family, I love my friends and I love all things FALL!

As I say the word “FALL” over and over again, and I read it over again as my head turns from doors, to walls, to magazine covers, I am struck with a slightly different feeling of FALL. FALLING springs to the front of my mind. Why do I fall and what do I fall for?

So, it got me thinking…in this month of ‘All Things Fall,’ maybe I should take a self evaluation of what things I “fall for!”

Too often I fall for GIMMICKS! You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that promise you will make a lot of money without much effort. Or, the ones that promise you will loose weight quick without exercise or diet. Or, the ones that promise your skin will look young and wrinkle-free if you simply smear this cream all over it.

A GIMMICK is defined as “an ingenious or novel devise, scheme, or strategy, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal.”

In a gimmick something is concealed or hidden to embellish the true quality of the product.

Each time I FALL for yet another gimmick, I tell myself, “never again.”

I ask myself the obvious question, “If a product is that affordable and that good, is it a gimmick?”

As I realize how easily I fall for “gimmicks,” I am reminded that the enemy is all to clever to offer them to me as well. Oh, he doesn’t care about how much money I have, how thin I am, or how smooth my skin is, but he certainly cares about how much time I spend with God in prayer and in His Word.

I FALL all too quickly for his gimmick of ,”it’s ok that you don’t have enough time this morning, do your quiet time later.”  My day goes by too quickly and the next gimmick I FALL for is, “You had long day, you are tired, do your devotion in the morning.”

Before I know it, I have succumbed to the gimmicks of the enemy, and my week has passed by with little or no time in prayer or bible study.

I love the season of Fall, but I do not like falling for GIMMICKS! They leave me bankrupt both financially and spiritually. My goal this season is to sip that warm, delicious pumpkin spice latte and let it remind me not to FALL for GIMMICKS! Especially those that come from the enemy of our souls!




And you will know The Truth, and The Truth will set you free.”                                                                              John 8:32

Speak Truth Love

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