On our Road to CONTENTMENT, does anything throw us off course like something that is NEW?

New can bring excitement, anticipation and even freedom from boredom, but it does not typically bring CONTENTMENT!

I recall two specific events in my life that were NEW each year and each brought excitement, anticipation and freedom from the boredom of a long, hot Summer.  One was in my childhood and one in my adulthood.  They were both the NEW start to a NEW school year!

As a child I could not wait for the NEW school year to begin! I would dream about the new classroom I would enter, the new desk I would sit at, and the new subjects I would learn.

The excitement and anticipation gave me butterflies in my stomach as I thought about it throughout the long, hot days of Summer.  But as the day drew near, my butterflies turned to a down right stomach ache at the thought of everything being NEW!

The “NEWNESS” of the school year was both thrilling and terrifying! What would my NEW  teacher be like? Would I be able to do well with my NEW subjects? Would the NEW students in my class like me?  Would I find my NEW desk in my NEW classroom? Would my NEW teacher even remember to put a NEW nametag on a NEW desk for me?

The “NEWNESS” of a NEW school year was producing some anxiety and fear over the UNKNOWN of the NEW!

That was when I was a child. As an adult I experienced similar emotions to the NEW when I became a teacher.

I dreamt of the NEW school year all Summer long! I imagined my NEW classroom decorated perfectly with wonderful learning tools for my students. I pictured my NEW students sitting in their desks and eagerly learning all that the academic year held for them!

I grew excited as I studied the NEW curriculum for that year and planned creative ways to instruct the children. The night before school was to begin, the “NEWNESS” became a nightmare instead of a dream and kept me up all night long!

Once again, the “NEWNESS” of a NEW school year was both thrilling and terrifying as I was faced with the unknown!

The NEW that I experienced in both my childhood and adulthood of going to school on the first day was and still is one of my very favorite of days! I loved everything about it!

All of the NEW that it held, even the unknown and the anticipated!

There is a reality that brings CONTENTMENT when we push through the unknown of the NEW, to reach the known of the NEW.

It is the moment when we take the steps down the NEW hallway, through the NEW door, that leads to our NEW desk, and we sit down realizing tomorrow that path will be known!

It is the moment we raise our hand and ask a question and realize our NEW subject is becoming known to us!

It is the moment we find a seat in the cafeteria and a NEW friend sits down beside us and we realize they are now known to us!

These and many more NEW moments like them bring CONTENTMENT as we realize the NEW that was unknown, has now become known. We are content and confident to walk in this NEW and make something good of it! 

Jesus intends for us to embrace the NEW, walk in it with His strength and confidence and gain CONTENTMENT through it.

In the book of Revelation Jesus tells us that He is making everything NEW.  We do not need to worry about or fear the NEW because He is Trustworthy and True!

And The One sitting on the throne said, ‘Look, I am making everything NEW!’ And then He said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is Trustworthy and True.”  Revelation 21:5

Today in our world it feels like everything is NEW! NEW rules for going to school, NEW rules for going to work, NEW rules for going out to eat, NEW rules for going to the store, NEW rules for getting your hair cut or your nails done!  EVERYTHING IS NEW, NEW, NEW!

We may feel overwhelmed, anxious, nervous and scared. But with Jesus, we can feel confident and secure because He is Trustworthy and True!  He makes all things NEW!

He takes our hand and walks us through the unknown, and helps make it known!

His promises are NEW every morning and He tells us in the verse right before this…

I will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death, or sorrow, or crying, or pain. All these things are gone forever.”  Revelation 21:4


This is a PROMISE My Friends! 

We can face any unknown when we face it with Jesus!

We can trust in Him that He is making all things NEW and will make them known because He is Trustworthy.

We can walk in the unknown because He has told us He is with us and He is True!



God makes the unknown known when we are willing to step into His NEW!

Speak Truth Love

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