How many times as a child did I hear the story of Jesus calming the storm?

Too many to keep count! I loved all of the Bible stories that my grandma would tell us.

I loved curling up with a warm, fuzzy blanket at the foot of the bed and listening to my mom read us Bible stories out of the ‘Big Book of Bible Stories!’

I felt stronger as a young girl as I listened as David, a small shepherd boy and the youngest of his brothers, picked up 5 small stones and killed the GIANT!

I felt adventurous as I listened as Jonah sat in the belly of the whale and then spoke God’s truth to the people of Nineveh!

I felt royal as I listened as Esther became the Queen and spoke boldly for her people!

I felt loved as I listened to Jesus call the children to Himself and sit and spend time with them!

But there was always one story that made me feel CONTENT!

I felt CONTENT as I listened to the story of Jesus calming the waves and the storm!

Each time I would listen closely as the disciples were on the boat with Jesus, the storm struck suddenly, and they were afraid! They ran to wake Jesus up and He calmed the storm!

Then Jesus got into the boat and started across the lake with His disciples. Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. The disciples went and woke Him up, shouting, “Lord, SAVE US!” We’re going to drown!”  Matthew 8:23-25

They were with Jesus, yet they were frightened and scared!

Have you ever been in a physical storm on the sea or by the sea?

I found myself in one at the beginning of this month!  We were visiting friends in Newport Beach for the first week of July. They have a home only a block away from the sands leading to the sea. We had taken a sunset walk on July 3rd, and witnessed the waves crashing hard on the shore and the spray from the waves rising tens of feet into the sky!  As we continued walking down the boardwalk we heard screams and saw people running with their cameras in hand to snap photos of the water rushing up hundreds of yards and covering the sand! It was quite a sight to see, but nothing we were afraid of.


We got home just before dark and had dinner on the outdoor patio. We lit the fire in the fire pit to roast s’mores and noticed the line of cars forming on the street in front of the house. The cars were not moving! They had no where to go! The water of the sea had not stopped rising and the waves had not stopped crashing!  Before we knew it much of Balboa and Newport were flooded!

It was an erie feeling as we sat and watched streets flooded, shops full of water and sand covering miles of property. That night as we went to bed we saw reports of boats smashed, people rescued out of the rising water and cars stuck in parking lots and filling up with water.

I lived in Southern California for 30 years and never saw this type of a storm!

I did sleep that night as I realized that God was in control and I was not. There was nothing I could do to calm the storm, only He could!  I prayed for the safety of everyone and found CONTENTMENT in knowing Jesus was with me and He was no stranger to storms!

Jesus responded, ‘WHY ARE YOU AFRAID? YOU HAVE SO LITTLE FAITH!’ Then He got up and rebuked the wind and the waves, and suddenly there was a great calm.
Matthew 8:26

As I layed my head down that night in Newport with the waves crashing around outside, I remembered those words of CONTENTMENT just as I had as a small child listening to them…

Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and the waves and there was GREAT CALM!

I needed GREAT CALM that night and I need it now! As we face yet another “Shut down,” and our efforts to re-open are slowed, I need a “GREAT CALM” that only Jesus can give!

CONTENTMENT in the midst of this COVID Storm we are in, may seem near impossible!

But Friends, JESUS WANTS TO BE IN OUR BOAT! When He is, HE WILL CALM THE STORM! The circumstances around us may swirl and cause quite a mess, but Jesus will bring CALM and CONTENTMENT in our souls!

I realized laying there that night that the words of God’s Truth shared with me as a young child had brought CONTENTMENT, and those same words of TRUTH brought CONTENTMENT that night and each night and day that Jesus is in my boat!

He takes my life’s circumstances and “SUDDENLY THERE IS A GREAT CALM!”

He will do the same for you! Let Him climb in the boat of your life and He will calm every storm and bring CONTENTMENT!




Speak Truth Love

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