40 Days to Passion-Week 4

UNSTOPPABLE, that is what our God is! Something that cannot be surpassed, stopped or beat!

We wake up today with a new reality. I am not going to call it a “new normal,” because nothing about it feels normal!

We are not supposed to go to work places, we are not supposed to go to school, we are not supposed to go to restaurants, we are not supposed to go to the movie theater, we are not supposed to go to the shopping malls, we are not supposed to go to church…We are being told not to “GATHER!” Last night on our drive home we were listening to a book online. Suddenly, a horribly loud shrill sound came screeching through our phone! Certain counties were being told to stay inside their homes and not go out! The Crisis had reached a pinnacle!

So what happens when we are told to STOP?

Whether it is a virus that is trying to stop us, or fear that is trying to stop us, or negativity that’s trying to stop us, or rejection that’s trying to stop us, or insecurity that’s trying to stop us, or any other issue on the face of this earth…we look to our UNSTOPPABLE God!

On my recent trip to Israel I was “stopped in my tracks,” as I witnessed faithful Jewish believers at The Western Wall.

It is commonly referred to as the Wailing Wall. Daily, and for hours on end, Jewish men and women, separated on different sides, pray repetitively over and over and over again, even nodding their heads up and down as to not lose focus, for God to hear their prayers and answer their prayers!


They are praying to an UNSTOPPABLE God! Through thousands of years of persecution, rejection, slavery and war, the people look and pray to an UNSTOPPABLE GOD!


When we are faced with “new realities,“ are we praying harder than ever to our UNSTOPPABLE God? Are we looking to new ways to gather together because our God won’t be stopped?

I am not going to lie! My heart and spirit was grieved and sad this past Sunday when churches had to close their doors and we could not gather together in physical proximity!

But I was encouraged and uplifted when my God proved Himself UNSTOPPABLE!

Church leaders from all over the world prayed to our UNSTOPPABLE God and found creative and alternative ways to bring us all together! Church leaders prayed fervently and worked tirelessly to provide a myriad of online opportunities to allow us to “gather“ together. And God proved Himself UNSTOPPABLE! The number of people “gathering“ online doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled!

Friends, we serve an UNSTOPPABLE GOD! We must not STOP trusting Him, praying to Him and looking for ways to continue being The Church of our UNSTOPPABLE GOD!

As I placed my hand on that wailing wall and touched the very spot that millions of faithful believers have touched and prayed to our UNSTOPPABLE GOD at, I was alone! I was not in my home church folding my hands and listening to an eloquent prayer being shared. I was not in my home church sitting side-by-side with my fellow believers. I was not in my home church listening to my favorite pastor preach the Truth of God’s Word. I was not in my home church raising my hands in worship as I sang along with the worship team. No, I was with thousands, maybe billions of faithful followers of God in my spirit and heart, lifting up prayers to our UNSTOPPABLE GOD!

Then if My people who are called by My name Will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

This verse comes in response to King Solomon dedicating the Temple of God. The very stones that were laid that still mark the spot of the western wall in Jerusalem today!

God’s people cried out…

He is good! His faithful love endures forever!” 2 Chronicles 7:3

Thousands of years prove God‘s faithfulness and His goodness to his people!

Let’s follow Daniel’s example as He prays for God’s deliverance and walks out of the Lion’s den unharmed!

Let’s follow Nehemiah’s example as He prays through discouragement and persecution and rebuilds the Temple of God!

Let’s follow the example of our modern day church leaders as they pray faithfully, demonstrate God’s love to one another by “social distancing,” and gather together in creative and alternative ways, to love and serve our UNSTOPPABLE GOD!

Week 4-‘Jesus is UNSTOPPABLE in conquering death!’

Most importantly, let’s follow the example of Jesus! Our God is so unstoppable that nothing could stop him from conquering death!





Never stop praying my friends! He will heal our land!

Speak Truth Love

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