I am obsessed with coffee! Not just a little bit but a WHOLE LOT! I like it strong and I like it unsweetened! I love the flavor and I love waking up to the thought of it! I get out of bed much happier and with a bit of a jump in my step, knowing that the hot, decedent, brew awaits me downstairs!

My husband challenged me last week on the word ‘LOVE.”  His opinion was that it is highly overused! And while I agree, it does not even come close to describing the depth of my passion for coffee!

The fact is, I love the flavor and the warm feeling of it going down my throat, but coffee is more than a yummy warm beverage to me. 

I have shared before that I am not a “crack of dawn” morning person. My coffee helps me get up and go downstairs!  My frother has made it even more delectable!  My coffee is also a help to me in not overeating.

I have an obsession with food and the way it makes me feel. AKA, I am an emotional eater!

When I am sad and when I am happy, when I am lonely or when I am overwhelmed. It does not matter. Coffee is a healthier alternative to eating sweets!

Bottom line, I am obsessed with coffee!

And to answer my husband’s question, YES, I LOVE it!

Just to prove my obsession with coffee, this is what it looks like on my desk right now as I’m writing this!


But to give him credit…Do I love it like I love him?  NO!  Do I love it like I love my children? NO! Do I love it like I love my grandchildren? NO EVEN  CLOSE! And the most important question of all, do I love it like I love JESUS?  My quick reply is NO!  But the true reflection of my love is answered in the time I spend with Jesus, verses the time I spend drinking coffee!

Am I obsessed with Jesus? Does spending time with Him come before everything else in my life? Do I go to church or attend Bible study when it is convenient and nothing else is getting in the way? Or, do I go to church and Bible study first, before any other activity in my life?

The answer too much of the time is also, NO!


Thank God Jesus was so OBSESSED with me that I was His primary thought on His way to the cross!


When I walked down the Via Dolorosa, this past November, I passed a Israel Starbucks!  It was not authentic, but it was real coffee! As we walked step by step down the ‘Way of Suffering,’ we hit the coffee spot about half way through. I wanted to STOP!  Unfortunately, no one else seemed to share my obsession for coffee, regardless of what kind. So we kept walking!  I was thankful that others were more obsessed with the journey ahead than I was. 

Truth Bomb


Jesus was so obsessed with you and me that it took him to the cross!

I want my obsession with Jesus to be greater than any obsession in my life!

Ultimately, I was thankful that Jesus, when He walked this path of suffering that lead Him to His death on a cross over 2000 years ago, was so obsessed with me that He never stopped!

Jesus was so obsessed with you and me that it took him to the cross!

Speak Truth Love

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