Lent begins tomorrow and with it the focus of what we will “SACRIFICE.”

If you are not familiar with LENT, it is simply put, an annual season set aside to fast (give up something for a time) and focus on Christ’s suffering as we lead up to Easter.

It is always ironic to me that even at such a sacred time as this, we tend to focus on self!

What will I give up for the sake of Christ?

How will I suffer through this set aside time?

What will I go without?

What will I give up?

How will it disrupt my routine?


I, I, I, My, My, My!

Self, Self, Self, Self, and more Self!

This time is often referred to in religious circles as, ‘The Passion of Christ.’  His sufferings and sacrifices on the way to the cross and finally on the cross.

Passion is defined as:” The state of being acted upon or affected by something so deeply that it overtakes us.”

The Love Jesus had for us was so deep and so strong that it compelled Him to suffer and die on our behalf!

This journey that Jesus took to the cross was full of pain, sacrifice, suffering and ridicule!  The factual awareness of this painful journey called the ‘Via Dolorosa,’ Literally the ‘Painful

Way’ or ‘The Way of Suffering,’ became crystal clear to me as I walked it step by step this year during my trip to Israel.


As I put one foot in front of the other and pictured Jesus stepping on this very same road as He carried His own cross, dripping blood with each and every step from His cruel and brutal flogging and literally dying of thirst as He painstakingly persevered out of Love for me…I was overwhelmed with my own selfishness.

How could I wince at the thought of giving up something as simple as sugar, caffeine, screen time, social media…when Jesus had given up literally EVERYTHING for me!

God laid it on my heart to approach this Lenten season, The Passion Season, with a renewed sense of Passion in my selfless approach to it. 

This year I am not asking God what

I should sacrifice for Him, but instead,

What can I do to focus on your great sacrifice for me Jesus and say, “THANK YOU?”

Will you join me on this journey to the cross for the next six Tuesdays as we walk beside Jesus and thank Him for His sacrifice of Love?

Week One-Jesus Carries His Cross

So, they took Jesus away.  Carrying the cross by Himself, He went to the place called Place of the Skull, in Hebrew Golgotha.”   John 19:17

This week of Lent we’ll focus on the steps of Passion Jesus took for you and I carrying His own cross.  Let’s thank Him for everything else He so faithfully carries for us…our worries, cares, concerns, problems, burdens, you fill in the blank. 

Walk beside Him this week in thankfulness for faithfully carrying His own cross on our behalf and our worries and fears each day!




Speak Truth Love

4 thoughts on “40 DAYS TO PASSION: WEEK 1

  1. Beautifully written! What can be done in thankful response to what He has already done for me? I love that perspective! Thanks Lisa.


  2. I love reading your blog. It always gets me thinking in a different perspective. I have never been one to give up something for lent. I always thought it was only for Catholics. It was never taught to me growing up in my Christian churches.

    I’m not going to be selfish this year. I’m going to give up 2 things that are a cross in my life. Things that cause me suffering in my life.

    Instead of when I want to do those 2 things, I will turn my focus on Jesus. And how he suffered for me.
    What he went through for me to have salvation. To be able to have a relationship and be united with God.

    Thank you for everything you do Lisa. I really miss you and Jim at church. Maybe Billy and I need to come visit some Sunday. Sending Love and Hugs and Smiles❤️🤗😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so happy to hear from you Lynn. Love and miss you and Billy! You encourage me with your commitment! Prayers and blessings to you through this meaningful season! XOXO😘


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