Are your eyes open yet? Are you looking for God’s activity in your life? Do you see it?

Perception can be a tricky thing!  Simply by it’s definition it can bring with it a sense of confusion or disagreement.

Perception by definition is “the act of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind. It is a cognition or understanding.”

See what I mean! A cognition or understanding of something does not in and of itself produce an agreement on the subject.

Perception can be quite individual, can’t it? It can produce a single awareness for an individual while not producing unity.

In other wards, I can perceive something one way and you can perceive it quite another!

While this can become a problem when you are attempting to agree on a subject with another person, I believe it can be a beautiful thing where God is concerned.

Have you heard the statement as I have, “I believe God was saying this to me.” And then they share a beautiful new way of looking at a scripture verse you have read or heard many times before. You had just never “perceived” it that way.

I love that about The Word of God. He can give us fresh new perspectives each and every time we read or hear His Word!

The key, the choice we must make is to read it and hear it.

In order to “PERCEIVE” the NEW thing that God is doing in our lives we MUST be reading His Word and going to church regularly to hear it spoken.

God has made His promise to us,

Now it springs up; do you not PERCEIVE it?”   Isaiah 43:19b

It is now our responsibility to do our part to perceive it! If we do, He promises this New Thing He is doing will “Spring Up!”

I love that picture of “SPRINGING UP!” It reminds me of my grand babies getting out of bed in the morning! They do not labor their way out of bed like I can tend to do. They literally “SPRING UP” with zeal and excitement at a New Day!

Truth Bomb


When our perceptions become God’s perceptions, we see clearly. 

My goal this New Year is to achieve that same excitement at meeting with my Heavenly Daddy as I “SPRING UP” each new day, open His Word and “PERCEIVE” the New Thing that He is doing!

Blessings to you Friends as we “LOOK, SEE and PERCEIVE” the new thing God is doing!

Speak Truth Love

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