See, I am doing a NEW thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

Are you ready for something NEW? Are you tired of the OLD?

Have you allowed the stale, bland flavor of “common”, to season your life?

Are you ready to throw out the old, and bring in the NEW?

I AM!!!

The problem is…..Where do I start?

The answer is laying in between the words of Isaiah 43:19.


Isaiah 43:19a

God’s spokesperson, Isaiah, is giving a Word to God’s people from God Himself.

He declares in verse 14, that, He is The Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel.

“This is what The Lord says, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel:…”

He tells us that what we have seen God do in our lives in the past, will be NOTHING, compared to the NEW THING He will do!

Are you going through the wilderness? Do you feel the heat scorching your spirit and your  enthusiasm for life being sucked out of you like water from a sponge? 

Do you feel the joy that was once a part of who you are shriveling under the pressures of life?

Or, are you simply tired of being “common”, status-quo, stale and bland. 

Do you want the vibrant, flourishing life that God promises?

If so, then God is speaking to you! He wants to do something NEW in your life. All you have to do is look to Him and SEE it!

We all make choices each and every day. Most days the choices we make are too numerous to count. AKA, Should I put creamer in my coffee, or almond milk? Should I wear this pair of pants with this sweater, or that pair of pants with that top? Should I have chicken for dinner or fish?

Many of our choices become ritualistic and common every day habits. For example, I hope you do not ask yourself wether or not you should brush your teeth today or not!

This however, is a choice, it is just a choice we have made over and over for so many years so that it becomes a habit.  Like brushing you hair(if you still have hair), and eating.  We may ask ourselves what we are going to eat, but since the day our mother’s fed us in our formative years, we eat every day. We do not think about not eating being a choice unless we are fasting. We simply have developed the routine and habit of eating, our body tells us to eat by the hunger pangs it shows at us, and we make a choice to eat.

But, because we have the ability to make the choice not to eat, like when we have chosen to fast, it is still a choice!

How steadfast are we about making the choice to eat each and every day?

Speaking for myself….PHENOMENALLY so!

I not only make the choice to eat every day, I rejoice in that choice, I look forward to that choice and yes, even at times dream about that choice. If my husband tells me we are going to go on a six mile hike uphill tomorrow, and afterward we are going to go out and eat flatbread pizza and dessert, I take on that hike with zeal! If he tells me that we get to stop at our favorite bakery on the way to the hike, my zeal rises to an enthusiastic fervor that creates such a desire for my “food choice” that I may accomplish that hike in half the amount of time it would normally take me!

You may be asking yourself, “Is she seriously that crazy about food?”  The answer would be NO! I am seriously that crazy about the food I love!

How how I long to be “THAT CRAZY” about the God I LOVE!!

To SEE Him first thing in the morning as He puts new breath in my lungs, and opens up my sleepy eyes!

To SEE Him as I open up His Word and read His Eternal Truth inside of each and every page!

To SEE Him in the provision surrounding me of my home, food and clothing!

To SEE Him in my job and ministry!

To SEE Him in the gift of my marriage and family!

To SEE Him in the sunrise and sunset!

To SEE Him as I drive down the street and view His creation!

Truth Bomb


Look and see, God wants to do a new thing in you!

I desire to be CRAZY about SEEING my God, so that HE will do a NEW thing in me!

He wants to do a NEW thing in you friend! 

Will you Look? Will you SEE?

He is going to do a NEW thing in you!

Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “SOMETHING NEW

  1. Happy New Year my faithful friend! Happy New Year to SpeakTruthLove! I want God to do a new thing in and through me in 2019. Thank you for the challenge to look to God as much as I look to other things in my life with intention and enthusiasm. He is worthy of this and more!

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