CHRISTMAS LIGHT: Week Four, Living the Light!

It’s the day after Christmas! I feel sad just writing that.

The presents that looked so stunning under the tree, perfectly wrapped with each recipient in mind, have been torn to shreds. The paper, meticulously folded and taped into place, has been discarded and awaits the garbage pick-up. The ribbon that once sparkled, has been cut, broken or untied and lays at the bottom of the heap of torn paper. And the LIGHTS! What about the LIGHTS?
If they are still on, do they hold the same glow?
Remember the crazy days leading up to Christmas? The days you thought you simply did not have enough hours in them to accomplish your long list! The days you fretted over having enough time to shop, bake, wrap and decorate! The days when you thought the 25th of December would come too soon, long before you had enough time to prepare for its arrival. And now, it’s actually the day after! You did it! You made it through! You celebrated, you ate, you unwrapped, you shared, you laughed, and then you turned off THE LIGHTS!
Oh, sure, they may remain hung through the New Year, but they have somehow, gone out! They do not seem to hold that same special GLOW. The expectation of family and friends, good times together, giving that perfect gift, watching their faces when they open it, all of the laughter, the singing, the joy, IS OVER. But what about THE LIGHT? Has it faded?
Those LIGHTS that had held such wonder and brightness, such hope and anticipation! Those LIGHTS that pointed us to The reason for celebration. The LIGHT of God in His Son Jesus, IMMANUEL, GOD WITH US! Those LIGHTS that made us feel happy! Those LIGHTS that brought a smile to our faces, and a lightness to our hearts! Those LIGHTS that shone through the dark, cold nights of the season, and sent a warm glow through us.

The Christmas Lights that we, “PUT UP,” “LOOKED AT,” and “WATCHED”, may have been put out and turned off until next season, but the true light of the world is in us all year long if we LIVE IN THE LIGHT!

This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you, GOD IS LIGHT, and there is NO darkness in Him at all. So we are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness; we are not practicing The Truth. BUT, if we are living in THE LIGHT as God is in THE LIGHT, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, cleanses us from all sin.
I John 1:5-7

I am truly the WORST at never wanting Christmas to be over! I put up LIGHTS as soon as Thanksgiving is over! I turn on the Christmas Lights in my house every morning even though I know it will dry out my tree! I even get sad, long before I need to, at the thought of Christmas being OVER! But here it is! It’s December 26th, and Christmas is in fact OVER! But THE TRUE LIGHT OF CHRISTMAS STILL BURNS BRIGHT!

It is up to me to LIVE in THE LIGHT, so that others see His LIGHT all year long!

Isn’t that the antidote to the “After Christmas Blues?” Isn’t that the solution to the dark days of Winter? Isn’t that the prescription to true joy and happiness in our lives daily regardless of our circumstances?

When we live The True Light of Jesus all year long, THE LIGHT NEVER FADES!




A brand New Year is right around the corner Friends! Let’s LIVE The True Light of Jesus this year, and LET HIS LIGHT SHINE!

Speak Truth Love


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