CHRISTMAS LIGHT: Week Three, Watching Lights!

I am dazzled by THE LIGHTS of the week before Christmas!

Yes, you heard me right! There is only ONE WEEK before Christmas! Technically, there are only 6 more shopping days before Christmas!

At this point in the season, experts say, you are either done with your Christmas shopping or you have not even started yet!

But no matter which camp you find yourself in, you are more than likely “dazzled” by the bright lights of Christmas programs and displays, just like I am!

As I watch them, I am in awe! My jaw drops at the brilliance and my heart skips a beat to the music. I love “WATCHING” the LIGHTS! My hands clap to the beat of the Christmas shows, and my face is covered with the biggest smile ever as I watch the LIGHTS flash across the stage and listen as the talented musicians play and sing out the beautiful Christmas songs.

I also love “WATCHING THE LIGHTS” from my car window. I love driving through brilliant displays of Christmas Lights through the richly decorated neighborhoods. I love the variety, the colors and the music that accompanies many of the displays nowadays! I feel happy as my heart laughs, almost out loud, at the amazing decorations and the elaborate decor. I love wrapping my hands around a hot latte and singing out, “FA LA LA LA LATTE”, as my eyes take in the splendor.


However, in the midst of all the “BIG LIGHTS” I am watching, I feel a subtle, quiet come over me as I return home. A peace comes over me as I step into the darkness of my house at night, and see the glow of the tiny, seemingly insignificant LIGHT of my nativity scene.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the Big Shows! I clap my hands loudly along with everyone else. I love driving through the neighborhoods where every house is decorated beyond belief with too many lights and blow up Christmas objects to count! The programs put on by our churches, the loud music and the flickering lights, I love each and every one of them!

But deep in my spirit I hear a still, small voice saying, “Look to the True Light of Christmas!” “Let it be the brightest light in your life!”

As I allow that LIGHT to be the brightest, I see a small, dim, seemingly insignificant LIGHT that points to a little baby born into poverty not wealth, obscurity not fame, and in filthy barn instead of a fancy, comfortable hotel.
That LIGHT reminds me who the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD IS!

In coming into the world, we are no longer just “watching” Jesus from afar. He came that we can now experience, see and feel Him. He is not someone who rejects me, is embarrassed of me, or laughs at me when I make a mistake. He accepts me as I am and loves me unconditionally! He is the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords and He is THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!

Jesus spoke to the people and said, I am the LIGHT of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the LIGHT that leads to Life.”  John 8:12




I love watching all of the lights of Christmas. But my hearts prayer is that I will focus on the one true light, Jesus Christ, and not just see Him as a baby in a manger. My prayer is that I’d see him as “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!” I pray that I will follow Him each and every day, not just at Christmas time, so that I will never walk in darkness, but will always walk in His LIGHT!

Speak Truth Love






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