New Year, New You! Week 5

img_3494Happy One Year Anniversary to SpeakTruthLove! This week marks the celebration of one year for the blog!

God has been faithful to help me keep my commitment to use this voice that He gave me to speak His love and truth! I am so grateful for each and every one of you that has come alongside me through this journey. Here’s to another year of following and living out the truth of Ephesians 4:15,

Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the nature body of Him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

As I look back and reflect on this past year, I am so thankful for you, the incredible friends God has placed in my life! This leads us to our final week in our New Year, New You series,
A friend loves at all times!

True friends bless us, sustain us, and keep us when the burdens life deals out are too difficult to bear alone.
Once again, I find myself writing to you today as one who is not just “feeling” the fight, but who is whole heartedly engaged in the battle!
Friends, old and new(for me this includes my family, who are truly my very best friends), have blessed my life in this last year more than I have space on a page to write, words enough to tell, or time enough to express! What my friends have done for me this year is not just share in my burdens, but shoulder them right along with me. They have sustained me, encouraged me, loved me, supported me, stood beside me, cried with me, laughed with me, celebrated with me, mourned with me, and above all, PRAYED FOR ME AND WITH ME!

There’s an old saying that goes,
‘Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, and the other is gold.’


Last January, my heart became burdened with knowing that God wanted to use Jim and I in our primary giftedness. Feeling the burden on our hearts to seek Him first and follow His direction for our lives, even though we knew that it could mean leaving family and friends, and the comfort and security of what we knew and were familiar with, we knew we had to follow His call. We called our faithful friends to pray with us and for us, for God’s clear direction. Our friends proved to be true gold as they walked through the process with us, every step of the way. There were long days that seemed as though they would never end, with questions, uncertainty, fear and doubt. Our friends stood beside us and shouldered every step of the process with us. There were also days of rejoicing, giving thanks and praise to God for His faithfulness! Our friends were there to share in the celebration, faithful and true-pure gold!

New friends have been given to us as we have embarked on our new ministry and His calling on our life! Although we are confident and sure we are in the place God has called us, it has not been without great effort, learning curves, growth steps, and continually trusting God to bring together and finalize all the pieces.
The new friends God has brought us have joined together with us, and walked through each day alongside us. They have proved to be sterling silver and I do not know where I would be today without them! A little over two months ago I didn’t even know them, can you believe that?

In keeping in the fight to maintain and have a positive attitude in 2017, the final piece to realizing we are not in this fight alone is to call a friend, share your burden!

JAB NUMBER FIVE: Call a friend, share your burden!

Truth Bomb

Faithful friends make our burdens lighter and keep our attitudes positive!


A friend loves at all times, and a brother(sister or friend) is born for adversity.
Proverbs 17:17

We love our friends by allowing them to love us!


Loving our friends at all times, sharing in the good times and the bad, being vulnerable enough to allow them in to share each and every detail of our lives, allows us to be encouraged and built up! At the same time it allows them to be blessed, encouraged and built up!

As we end this series on how to fight for a good, positive attitude and maintain it, let’s recommit to take a time out, read the Bible, listen to spirit-lifting music, get physical, and call a friend and share our burdens!

Stay in the fight my friends!

Can’t wait to be back with you next week as we enter one of my favorite months, February! Love is in the air!

Speak Truth Love

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