New Year, New You! Week 4



Happy Truth Bomb Tuesday!

Getting Physical is key to having and maintaining a positive attitude!
Don’t believe me? Look at God’s Word! Look at Science!

I am writing to you today as one who is Feeling The Fight! There is nothing easy or simple about todays JAB! As promised we are about to “Get Physical!”

For those of you that are my age, or those of you who love to watch groovy movies and listen to groovy songs from the 80’s, those two words, preceded by one word “Let’s”, brings to our minds visions of leg warmers, high top tennies, leotards, tights, and off the shoulder sweatshirts! Olivia Newton John made “Getting Physical,” look fun. The movies that followed in the 80″s continued that fun-loving , sweat-inducing phenomenon, and before any of us knew it we were all attending aerobic classes dressed in the same gear we watched the girls wear on ‘Flash Dance’, and ‘Footloose!’


However, for me, those days are 37 plus years in my rear view mirror! Getting Physical is not as easy in this busy life we all lead! Just the thought of getting ready and looking half way decent after getting physically wrecked during the workout, can stop me from working out at all!
Being completely honest, I must admit that it is certainly not as easy physically to “get physical” as it used to be!
Rather, it is a FIGHT, and one I intend to win, no matter how hard the struggle. Let’s be clear, it is a struggle!

Lately, my FIGHT has been with my comfortable pillow, my warm, soft flannel sheets, and my cozy comforter! I have committed to God to “FAST FROM SLEEP” and get up early and be PHYSICAL! I fight to lift my head from that comfy pillow, pull back that cozy comforter, and slide out from under those warm, soft flannel sheets! They are so cute too! They have cute reindeer on them! Double Whamey!
The only reason I am finding success in getting up early and “Being Physical,” is because my “getting physical” has a purpose! It may not be the purpose that first comes to your mind. I am not getting up early and leaving my warm cozy bed to get thin! I am not gonna lie either, I do want to look good. I am a girl after all, and God put a heart inside of me that desires for others to like and approve of me. That however, cannot be the motivator for why I “Get Physical.”

I am not getting up early and leaving my inviting bed because I want to be in better shape. I will be perfectly honest and share that being in good shape and health, and maintaining energy to live this life well, matters a lot to me! I want to stay active and energetic to hike trails with my husband, to ski down mountains with my grandkids and to participate in any and every activity my grown children throw at me! I want to do those activities with them, not watch from the sidelines! However, as strong as that motivator is, it cannot be the motivator for why I “Get Physical.”

I am not “getting physical” because I want to continue to be attractive to my husband. I will tell you the truth, I care very much about my husband still looking at me and being physically attracted to what he sees. I want more than anything for my husband, who takes great physical care of himself, to be proud of the physical care I take of myself. Yes, ladies, the older you get, this desire for your husband to look at you and be attracted to you does not go away! However, as sincere as my longing is for my husbands attraction, it cannot be the motivator for why I “Get Physical!”

The only motivator that has any staying power at all, is the motivation and desire I have to please my God!
He and He alone deserves the best I have to give, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and YES, PHYSICALLY!

For PHYSICAL training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” I Timothy 4:8



“Getting Physical” helps us grow and maintain godliness!

Getting Physical is important! It is also hard! It costs us something…time, effort, physical pain, exhaustion, sacrifice of something we would rather do, and the list goes on. The only way we will find success is to couple our commitment to “Getting Physical”, with God’s Purpose!

So let’s take a JAB, at our FIGHT to have and maintain a positive attitude! WE ARE IN CONTROL WHEN WE STAY IN THE FIGHT!


Physical Activity simply means MOVEMENT! So, Let’s Get Moving!
Any means by which we move and use energy works! We can walk, garden, briskly push a baby stroller, climb stairs, play soccer, or dance the night away! Movement is the key!


Purpose to not only MOVE each day, but when you MOVE, whether it is at the gym, running or walking outside, to talk to God while you do it!
Challenge yourself to read a verse or passage of scripture before you begin moving, and reflect on that scripture as you “Get Physical!”
The only way I have been successful at climbing out of my warm, cozy bed each morning and exercising has been by combining my COMMITMENT WITH A PURPOSE! I have made a commitment to getting physical, and a purpose to setting my mind and heart on God while doing it!


New Year’s Resolutions have become famous for starting, and then failing!
“Yo Yo Diets” have become as well known as the cupcakes and doughnuts we eat when we fail at them!
Frequent and regular physical exercise brings benefits beyond the physical, when we are CONSISTENT!
Not only will our physical bodies maintain and enhance overall health and wellness, but our mental bodies will find health as well!
Frequent, regular and consistent physical activity is proven to prevent stress, depression, and increase your quality of sleep and help promote and maintain self-esteem, mental health and steady your digestion! That equals a happy tummy my friends. And that makes all of us feel better!

Physical exercise also boosts our immune system and increases those wonderful, feel-good ENDORPHINS, we hear so much about! Endorphins are real! They have been put in the wonderful body God made for you, to be released and bring you physical and mental and emotional HEALTH! Endorphins are known to derive from Physical Activity and act as an ANTIDEPRESSANT! Medical reports show that exercise induced effects can result in increased NEUROTROPHIC FACTOR,( AKA BRAIN SIGNALING), and signal positive brain waves!


This is an important PUNCH at our FIGHT to have and maintain a positive attitude!



I thank God that I am not in this fight alone! We are in this fight together! You encourage me to “STICK TO IT!”
I hope and pray that I am an encouragement to you as well!

I believe in you, and even greater is my Hope and Trust in our Great Big God to provide us with everything we need to win this fight!

I’ll meet you here next week as we talk about FRIENDS!

Speak Truth Love

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