Advent:Week 2~Mary’s faithful response

img_2933It’s A Party! A Birthday Party! The greatest birthday party the world has ever had!

Birthday parties are fresh on my mind these days as I have just celebrated three very special ones! First, it was my grandson’s second birthday! Buzz Lightyear ushered us to “Infinity and Beyond”, as we celebrated this very special boy!
Second, it was my son’s 27th birthday! How he got so old, and I just keep getting younger is a mystery! (I wish!)
We celebrated him in true Disney style, as a family, at ‘The Happiest Place on Earth.’
And third, it was my birthday yesterday! Yes, I have withheld the number to protect the not so innocent, me! I was celebrated far beyond what I deserve! My family celebrated me on my “fake birthday”, (that story is a blog for another time,) by my Northern California family. Then I was celebrated by my Southern California family on my real birthday, not to be outdone by my amazing class of 4th graders who threw me a surprise party at school!

But none of these are the party I am referring to, yet this party is the one most fresh on my mind.
The birthday party that I am referring to had no “special guests” invited. The attendees were lowly animals, the stinky barnyard type. Not a lot of family attended, only a young mother and father. There were no streamers, balloons, or even a cake. No special theme was used, only that of obscurity and little fanfare.
Yet this Birthday was the most significant the world will ever experience. A King was born, the Savior of the world. And He was brought into this world, on His very first Birthday by a young woman who was a virgin. No, you did not read that incorrectly, His mother was a virgin! His birth was a miraculous one! You have heard of a “natural birth,” well this birth was not a “natural birth,” it was a SUPERNATURAL BIRTH! A birth like none other, the birth of God our Savior. The complete account is beautifully told by Luke in Luke 2: 26 – 38. But the part I want to focus in on today during the Second Week of Advent is verse 38…….

“I am The Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.” Then the angel left her.

This young woman’s life was interrupted in a way she never could have imagined. She was young, a virgin, pure and right, and engaged to a godly man. Her life looked “perfect.”
Then, when she least expected it, an angel visits her! Not only did she get visited by an angelic being (CRAZY RIGHT?), but this angelic being asks her to take a step of faith, NO, a LEAP of faith, and believe that she is going to become pregnant BY THE HAND OF GOD! And what is her answer?
Her answer is the greatest expression of FAITH we could ever hear,
“May it be to me as you have said.”

Does Mary understand her God given assignment? Does Mary have time to plan ahead and make sure all of her “ducks are in a row?” Does Mary even take the time to fret, question and wrestle with God before she accepts His assignment/interruption into her life? The answer is NO to all of these questions!
Mary exemplifies supreme faith and trust in Her God and His plans as she quietly and humbly accepts His assignment!
Oh how I pray that I would grow in my faith to the point of trusting God fully and completely with my life so that I too would answer like Mary did and accept Gods interruptions in my life as He calls me to accept His assignments.

Truth Bomb

When God interrupts our lives, may our answer be, “As You Say!”

As we navigate through the second week of Advent and focus on the Virgin Birth of Jesus-our Messiah, Savior and King, let’s not neglect to look at the young virgin Mary and pray that God would give us faithful hearts and lives like hers!

Happy Reflecting and Celebrating Everyone! We are truly Blessed to Celebrate the BEST OF BIRTHDAY’S, The Birthday of Mary’s baby boy, Jesus Christ, Savior of the world!

Speak Truth Love

One thought on “Advent:Week 2~Mary’s faithful response

  1. I loved celebrating you on your “fake” birthday! No matter the day, you are a true blessing in my life! Thanks for reminding us of Mary’s faithfulness and keeping us focused on the true blessing of Christmas…Baby Jesus!


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