Advent: Week 1~Preparing for the Arrival

Can you believe December is almost upon us? There’s no more denying that the shopping, wrapping, decorating, parties and Christmas programs will soon dominate are calendars, if they haven’t already! My son-in-law already attended his staff Christmas party!
It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the seemingly endless list of activities and traditions! The hurry scurry of the hectic schedule of Christmas can overtake not just our calendars but our lives. Let’s pause and take some time out of our schedules to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

As we enter the first week of advent, we focus on the arrival of Christ, the promised Son, the Messiah, the Savior of the world. Advent means the arrival of a noble person, thing or event. Do we truly pause long enough to take in the full extent of God’s immense love for us?
The true gift of Christmas is God sending His Son to be WITH US.

Another word for Jesus is Immanuel, meaning God with us. The true miracle of Christmas is that God didn’t just say He loved us, but He demonstrated it by sending His Son to be WITH US; to understand us; to be familiar with all of the issues, struggles, triumphs, failures, joys, pains and sorrows that we encounter, each and everyday.

If you have an acquaintance that tells you they like you, and speaks with you casually, they remain an acquaintance. But those we call friends, are the ones who spend time with us, who are with us when we succeed, and they share in our celebration! They are also with us through our struggles, our looses and our pain. They make the sacrifices to spend the time to have an intimate relationship with us.

God loves us so much that He does not simply remain the all powerful being, Creator God who lives in Heaven. Instead His love for us is so great that He humbled himself to be WITH US.

For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given…” Isaiah 9:6a

As you prepare for this Christmas season and reflect on the arrival of Christ, I pray you will find ways to focus on God being WITH US.

This comes from being with Him first and foremost through reading His Word. Communing with Him through the pages of Scripture and through prayer. Through singing His praises with a joyful heart, grateful for the most incredible gift of Jesus Christ! It also comes through serving others gladly, and extending God’s love to them. A friend that needs a helping hand or an encouraging word; a child who needs to be sponsored or sent a special gift this season; a homeless person who needs a hot meal, or maybe a warm blanket. God will provide opportunities for us to serve others in His name if we are open and looking.

Truth Bomb

Advent is a time to reflect on Christ’s arrival, as God WITH US!

Jesus is the greatest gift the world has ever or will ever receive! His greatest desire is time WITH US. Let’s commit from this first week of advent on, to keep Jesus WITH US throughout this entire season.

Speak Truth Love

One thought on “Advent: Week 1~Preparing for the Arrival

  1. Oh Lisa this is so beautiful! We’re going to miss our Tuesday Bible studies with you so much. I already felt it this week. I’m continuing to pray for your new journey. I know it’s going to be amazing!!


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