Kick Start: A New Bible Study!

Am I dreaming, or did God just bless us with a beautiful Fall day?

God is in control of the weather, and no one else is. Only God can take us from a 97 degree week and bless us with a cool, crisp Fall day! I hope that you, like me, were able to take a walk in this beautiful, low 70 degree weather and feel the cool breeze blow refreshment into your soul.

Tomorrow promises to be even cooler than today. Now that is what I call an awesome forecast!

Today is Tuesday, and the truth is, “Today is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  

Tomorrow never comes; it is just something we wait for in vain. And too easily, it can become an excuse for not doing something today. Yesterday never really was, so don’t allow it to become a regret. Today is truly the only day we have. And Tuesdays are my favorite!  Why, you ask?  Because they are the best day ever!


It is the day I get together to unite and become one with fellow sisters in Christ. Our age doesn’t matter; there are some who are in their teens; some in their 20’s, just starting out with their families, or embracing single hood. There are some who are in their 30’s, and sending kids off to school has become routine. Finding themselves busy with schedules, homework, games, dance recitals…There are those in their 40’s: kids learning to drive; needing us one minute and not the next.Then there are those of us in our 50’s and beyond: some empty-nesters, some grandparents, some alone. But regardless of our age, stage, profession or giftedness, we are all united with one heart and one purpose: to seek the Lord our God through His Word, and in fellowship with one another, and cheer each other on to growth and maturity in Him.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24

Last week I talked about “kick starts.”  Needing to be encouraged to take a positive step in the right direction. Maybe the long, hot days of Summer, and the change in a regular routine or schedule caused you to get out of a regular routine in God’s word. Maybe like me, you’re ready to be kick-started back into this spiritual discipline.  God’s word is living and active. It is not just a book we read for knowledge and insight. It has the power to change our very lives!  We have to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.”

How does that happen?  That doesn’t happen by magic. It also doesn’t happen by osmosis. You can’t simply sit in a church service and expect it to penetrate your life.  You have to take this living truth and put it into your mind and heart. Then and only then can its living power transform you from the inside out. I know that what I speak of is no easy task. Putting one more day or night on your calendar can feel like it is the crack in the dam that causes you to break. But that could be precisely where the enemy wants you to fall.

Do excuses like these sound familiar?

“I went to church this weekend; I’m okay.”

“I listened to a simulcast.”

“I read a Christian book.”

All of these things are good, in and of themselves. What is missing, however, is the “spurring one another on to love and good works.”  It is the encouragement and inspiration that you get from hearing someone else’s faith walk, whether it is a victory or a struggle. It is looking other faith travelers in the eye and encouraging them to keep on keeping on, as they do the same for you. It is declaring out loud your decisions to allow God to be first in your life, and no longer let the voices of this world dictate to you how you should live. You find yourself in good company when you decide to live wholeheartedly to honor God!

Truth Bomb

9_13_blog Today is the only day you have!  Make it count!

That is why I can say confidently that Tuesdays are THE BEST DAY EVER for me! My kick start, after God’s incredible blessing of a fresh cool start to Fall, is Tuesday night Women’s Bible study!  What is yours?

Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “Kick Start: A New Bible Study!

  1. This particular week I need more than a kick-start…. I need a kick in the pants with a shot of “happy”. Rough weekend. However, I do have our new 4/5 bible study starting tonight on Hebrews and a meeting with a lovely christian friend planned for Friday. Since my Thursday night women’s group had to move to Tuesday – we decided to meet one on one for our “Roman Banquet” looking forward to that! But what kick starts me best each day is my 6:00am cracking open of God’s Word and spending quiet time with him. NEED that most of all.
    Thanks for your post Lis.


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