For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”  Hebrews 12:2

As a famous quote says, yesterday is gone; tomorrow has not come; all we have is today. 

What are your eyes focused on?  

Have you ever watched a duck swimming across a pond? You can sit on the cool green grass and watch for hours as he seems to float effortlessly across the water. It is almost relaxing as it leaves you with a sense of calm and peace. But if you were to take an underwater camera and focus it on what is going on underneath the water, you would see a fury and a frenzy of paddling, pushing, and motion to keep his body afloat and moving forward. The duck is obviously putting forth a great deal of effort to move forward. But the key is his eyes. Where are his eyes focused? They are focused on his destination. While effort is needed to achieve his goal, he maintains steadfastness in his moving forward as he fixes his eyes on his destination. 

We too face hard work and effort in our quest to move forward! But our goal must also be to fix our eyes on where we are headed. Jesus knew this and practiced it faithfully. “Jesus kept his focus on the joy that lay before him.”  Instead of looking back at what had been done to him, or become preoccupied with what was being done to him in the moment, He fixed his eyes, His focus, on the joy that lay before Him. That is how He endured the hideous death on the cross. He stayed focused, He kept his eyes on the ultimate joy of saving mankind from eternal death. He did not stop working, “moving underneath the surface,” to accomplish what He needed to, but while He worked intensely, He kept His calm and peace by having His eyes focused forward on the joy that lay before Him! 

No matter how intense your “paddling” beneath the surface gets, stay calm by focusing on Jesus!


No matter how intense our paddling, we stay calm when we focus on Jesus!

Paddling steadfastly together!

Speak Truth Love

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