Stop Looking Back

After writing last weeks blog on “Stuck in the Middle,” and the reminder to look up to Jesus because He is the only one who can get us unstuck, I was blessed beyond measure by a new book title from one of my favorite authors, preachers, and prophetic exclaimers!

Christine Caine has written a new book titled, ‘Don’t Look Back.’ I couldn’t wait to order it! Problem was it hadn’t been released yet! I was still so desperately, “in the middle,” that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and read what I knew would be incredible encouragement to keep moving forward! I mean the subtitle could not have  been more perfect, ‘Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward With Passion and Purpose!’

WOW, did she write it just for me?

I needed it and I needed it now! But it would not be released for another week!

I was actually bummed and a little bit sad, I truly felt like God had something for me between the pages of this book, and I couldn’t get my hands on it.

I tried to put it out of my mind as I looked forward to going to our annual leaders conference with my husband!

We love going to THRIVE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE each year and standing side-by-side fellow servants of the Faith who can encourage and build us up and even give us a laugh or two!

Each year I look forward to the uplifting worship as we sing out loud with all of our hearts, the rich breakouts where we learn from fellow servants how to be better at what we are called to do, and from the speakers who light up the stage each night with the message God has given them to bring to us all! 

This year I was as excited as ever to attend and receive all that God had for me. But I was also more physically exhausted and fatigued than I can remember ever being. Because, I am still, “in the middle of it!”

But boy, did God have a surprise for me! No, they were passing out the latest copies of Christine Caine‘s new book, but better, far better than that, she was the main speaker on this stage! There she was, standing only a few feet in front of me bringing the Truth from the Word of God that I so desperately craved to hear!


What’s that you say? Lisa, you seriously got inspired by the words:


Yes, you heard me right, and I heard Christine Caine right. The POWER comes through who is speaking these words!

Spoiler Alert; It’s not Christine Caine, IT’S JESUS!

Remember Lot’s Wife.” Luke 17:12

The second shortest verse in the Bible holds some of the greatest power!

I know it was the POWER I was longing for!

Jesus tells us to remember Lot’s wife because she looked BACK!

We don’t even know her name, but we know that in the middle of God saving her, she got “STUCK” in her past and she looked back!

No matter what we are going through, no matter how long we have been going through it, Jesus wants us to “REMEMBER LOT’S WIFE” and stop looking back!

Last week I said the only way to stay unstuck is to look up to Jesus!

This week I’m going to quote Christine Caine:



Christine’s book released this week! I know it is a read none of us will want to miss. It’s not as good as in person, but I trust The Holy Spirit will move powerfully through it!

Let’s commit to staying unstuck, moving forward, looking to Jesus and not looking back!

Speak Truth Love

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