I read the most incredible Bible verse today! You would think it was one I had never read before. It spoke to me with such clarity and truth! It felt like God was jumping off of the page and giving me a big warm and fuzzy hug!

Actually, I think He was!

It wasn’t the kind of hug where I felt His warmth cover me from head to toe and melt my body into His loving arms.

It wasn’t the kind of hug that picked me up ever so gently, wrapped a warm blanket around me and sat me down in front of a warm fire! As much as I love that kind of hug.

No, it was a firm and solid hug that enveloped me in His Truth and Assurance and filled my tired soul with RESILIENCE!

The first verses I read were 14 and 15 from Psalm 91….

Because he(in this case SHE), has set his/her love upon Me (Me is capitalized here emphasizing it is God), therefore I will deliver him/her…He/She shall call upon me, and I will answer him/her; I will be with him/her in trouble; I will deliver him/her and honor him/her.

Psalm 91:14-15

I was always taught in literature to ask what the “therefore” is “there for?”

As I read the scripture this morning, I didn’t even need to ask what the “therefore” was “there for!”

I immediately felt God putting his arm around me, patting me on the back and encouraging me to continue being RESILIENT for His Name Sake, because He would answer me, be with me through my trouble, deliver me and honor me! Why, because I deserved it? Why, because of the great job I have done so far? Absolutely not! None of these reasons have anything at all to do with it! 


Only because I love God and have “set His love upon me,” will I have RESILIENCE!

It has nothing to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with Him!

I can not earn it, produce it or lose it.

I am RESILIENT in Christ Jesus my Lord because I LOVE Him! 

If you want to be more convinced of this Truth, read the entirety of Psalm 91.

It will wrap you in Truth like a waterproof jacket that protects and propels anything that comes against you from penetrating you and causing you harm. 

It will assure you of His love and care for you, His angels guarding and protecting you and His deliverance and honor of you.

It will increase and strengthen your RESILIENCE to stand strong!

Give your love wholly and completely to Him my friends! He will do the rest!

Speak Truth Love

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