What is ADVENT? 

ADVENT is simply defined as “the arrival of a notable person, thing or event.”

The key word here is ARRIVAL. It implies that something or someone is coming…they or it will arrive. Thus begins the waiting! 

When, where, and how, seem to be the immediate questions we begin asking. The anticipation grows as the questions go unanswered. The anxiety rises as the unknown seems to grow bigger than the anticipation of the arrival.

The word ANTICIPATION itself can cause us to be anxious! Whether or not the “something“ being anticipated is good or bad, the waiting is hard!

The word ADVENT actually comes from the Latin word, Adventus, which means “coming.”  It’s coming but it is not here yet. There’s that waiting again!

So what is it that you are waiting for?

Is it the answer from the job you applied for? Is it the result from that test you took? Is it the end or resolution to that conflict you are in? 

I believe that no matter what we are waiting for, the ADVENT of Jesus arrival, both in His first coming as we wait for Christmas to come, and in His second coming as we wait for His return, can teach us vital lessons for living while we wait.

The meaning of ADVENT for Christmas is the anticipation of Jesus’ birth at Christmas time and the preparation we do as we wait for His Second Coming.

Thousands of years ago many looked to the coming of the Messiah, the Savior of the world. Prophets foretold His coming, but still they had to WAIT!

When we wait for something it is important that we look to what is being pointed to.

If we are waiting the affirmation of a job offer we must look to the qualifications we have in that field. If we are waiting for test results from a medical professional we must look to the integrity of the institution performing the work. If we are waiting for conflict resolution we must look to the effort of the parties involved.

If we are waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ then we must look to our Heavenly Father as He points to His Son!

I know waiting is hard. It takes diligence, patience and trust! Will you practice diligence, patience and trust with my this ADVENT season as we wait for the birth of God’s Son, Jesus?

God points us to Him through the gospels in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John! He gives us promises, faithfulness, responses, joy and love, but most of all HOPE!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ The Lord.”  Luke 2:11

The wait is worth it! Jesus Christ has been born! Let’s celebrate and grow closer to Him as we anticipate His arrival!



Speak Truth Love

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