It’s November! I LOVE November!

It’s cold outside, it’s raining(at least here in California), I’ve pulled every sweater out of storage that I have, the fireplace is lit, and I’ve finally pulled a pair of socks onto my feet!

With November comes shorter days. The shorter days call for longer nights spent cuddled in a blanket with a warm cup of tea reading a book. I would love to tell you that I do this every night, but far too often, distractions take the place of this God-ordained time of “slowing down,” we call Winter.

We tend to complain that the days are too short and there is not enough sunlight. I get it, I love my walks in the evenings as the sun sets. I love my bike rides down the vineyard paths watching the green leaves on the vines turn to gold and orange.

But what would happen to the state of our souls, our inner beings, if instead of seeking the sunlight, we started craving the SONlight? What if we allowed the pause of winter to enter our souls and cause us to seek the son, Jesus Christ, The Son Of God. 

Your body will not go into atrophy, I promise! You do not have to give up your active lifestyle, you just have to start a bit earlier and look for the sunrise instead of the sunset!

In all honesty, I believe God created the seasons with a rhythm that we should pay more attention to.  

Spring offers that beautiful transition between some cold days and some warm. We get outside and get a little work done and then the rain drives us back inside for a time.  

Summer draws us outside even before the sun is up, as the temps grow warmer and warmer. We are drawn to the warmth of the sun and the coolness of shade, and we stay and play all day long, well into the night.

Fall brings relief as we grow weary of long hot days. The days of Fall shorten gradually and the breeze cools and the colors beckon our attention.

Finally, it’s winter and days are short, nights are long and the cold weather can only be endured for a short amounts of time. We are drawn inside, to get warm, find protection and comfort.

In this state of “winter,” we can find true warmth, protection and comfort when we sit and draw in the SON!

I can think of no better way to begin this season of winter and drawing close to the Son, than to give thanks to Him. It is after all, the season of Thanksgiving, so let’s practice all this month!

Praise The Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”    Psalms 106:1

Gather up your coziest blanket, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and turn off your cell phone! That’s right, you read that correctly…TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE! Now, speak this Psalm of Praise to God.  Allow the pause of winter to calm and draw you into God’s presence. Give Him thanks for His love and goodness. Then just sit and soak in the warmth your soul really needs, the warmth that only the SON can give.


Winter offers the perfect pause to draw warmth from the SON!

Speak Truth Love

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