Dear Jesus, Why Do The Giants Look So Big?

Do you have “giants” in your life? I sure do!

A “giant” is that big obstacle, hurdle or roadblock that is standing in your way. It bully’s you into submission, it looks to big to jump over and it blocks you from every side.

It can be a person, situation, mindset, or anything at all that is hindering or stopping you from moving forward.

Every time I think of being stuck and moving forward, I think of the Israelites stuck in the desert with Moses. They had been in slavery and bondage in Egypt for over 400 years!

You read that correctly…400 years!

God miraculously frees them. You would think that for at least one year after they would still be rejoicing, throwing a party, and praising God.

Nope, their human nature had taken over, like ours so often does, and they were grumbling about their conditions. They grumbled about where they lived, what they had to eat, how long it was taking etc., etc., etc…

I can hear the echos now, “Are we there yet?!”

They were even asking to go back to Egypt, back to being slaves!

Has your life ever gotten so far off track, that all you see are “the giants?”

The pressures of life that are so great that you see the “giant” of discouragement bullying you until you feel helpless.

The people in your life that hurt, disappoint and even slander you seem to be the “giant” of despair that leaves you hopeless. And the failures and frustrations in your life that shame you and seem to be the “giant” of disillusionment that keeps you from moving forward.

You may have one, or two or even all three of these giants! Or maybe you have a different giant. No matter what kind of giant we face we have a God who slays them!

If we look to the Israelites and Moses in the desert all those thousands of years ago, we can learn a very important lesson!



After only one year in the desert the Israelites had taken their eyes off God.

As the people grumbled and complained, Moses sent 12 spies to search out the land. Ten of the spies came back and reported that while the land was good and, “flowing with milk and honey,” the people were bad, in fact they were Giants and it was not safe to enter the land! Only 2 men kept their eyes on God and saw that the victory over the “giants,” was there’s in the power of the Lord God!

But The Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them.” Numbers 14:9

Friends, Moses asked the 12 men he sent out to check out the land, two questions: One, What is the land like? And Two, What are the people like?

All 12 men came back with the same report about the land. They could see that it was good and that it was flowing with milk and honey! A good place for God to lead them to!

But only two men came back with a positive response about the people! They did not see their size ”giants,” as an obstacle, hurdle or roadblock to what they knew there God could do!

Joshua and Caleb knew that their God was a Giant Slayer!

What “Giants” in your life do you need God to slay? Just keep your eyes on him! The Lord is with you! Do not be afraid of the Giants!

Speak Truth Love

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