Walking is a big deal. For most of us it gets us from point A to point B. If we are blessed to have two strong legs, then for most of us walking is the goal. As I have watched my one year old grandson grow and develop this year, it has become undeniably obvious to me that walking is the goal.

The first month or two of his life he was pretty content to be wrapped warmly and securely in a blanket and held. The next couple of months he began to break free from that swaddle and push with both arms and legs to look around and observe the world around him. Before we knew it he was scooting across the floor at record speed. This kid could scoot like nothing I have ever seen. Suddenly, it seemed like overnight, he was up on all fours and crawling. You would think since he had figured out how to get to just about any place he wanted to get to he would slow down. No, he has started pulling up on everything in sight. He will not stop until he can walk! 

Walking is the goal! No one told my grandson he had to walk. In fact I think his mommy would prefer he slow the whole process down! I know you have watched your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends all go through the same experience. No one sets a baby on the ground and demands them to walk. It is innate, something we are all born to do. My question for us today is, “How are we walking?”

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”  

Isaiah 30:21

This verse is talking about our spiritual walk, and so am I. But I love that our physical walk goes through many of the phases that our spiritual walk goes through.

When a baby begins to slowly let go of what they are holding on to, they take that first step and fall. It is what they do next that intrigues me, they get back up, almost with a stubborn insistence, and they try it again, and again, and again and again. They keep at it until they get it right.

I wish this was as true spiritually as it is physically! We hear God tell us something, you know what it sounds like, that voice behind you, in your spirit and we attempt to follow it, to obey. But when we “fall” or fail we tend to quit! Even worse I think, we tend to say, “It must not have been God’s voice I heard.”  I think God is telling us to get up and try again, and again, and again and again. Because He promises that if we listen to His voice, obey it and continue to follow it He will show us the way to walk in it!

I know life is hard! I know that sometimes the “getting up again and again,” is weeks and months and years of walking. But I also know that if we do keep getting up and WALKING in His ways He will be faithful to what He has called us to.



REMEMBER, children get lots of bumps and bruises as they learn to walk, but eventually they figure it out! So do God’s children. Keep listening to His voice and walking in it friends. You have a walking buddy in me!

Speak Truth Love

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