Starting each day in victory instead of defeat!

This is the first week of June and that means SUMMER! For all of you ‘Sun Soakers,’ that means extra Vitamin D as you absorb every ounce of these long Summer days.

For those of us that are PLUVIOPHILES, we just hit the pause button on happiness.

The new urban term for those who love the rain and actually find joy and peace of mind during rainy days.  

Does this mean that I cannot find joy in the sunniest of days? Absolutely NOT! I can focus my mind on the joy that Summer brings, even if it is not my favorite season.

I can look forward to early morning walks around Spring Lake, near our home, and grab a cup of iced coffee instead of hot coffee. I can BBQ dinner later in the evening since the sun is still out. I can look forward to Beach trips and longer days spent with my family. I can make frozen fruit pops and enjoy them with my feet dangling in the pool as I watch my grandkids swim and splash. I live in California, so the fact that I can get fresh fruit and veggies all year long does not change much from season to season. But red ripe strawberries do begin to appear for sale on every corner and sweet corn on the cob never tastes so good! All of these things help boost my mood in Summertime, but there is only one thing that moves me from defeat to victory, and that is GOD’S WORD!

In order to walk in victory and not defeat every day regardless of the season, I must put the word of God in my mind first and let it absorb into my heart and spirit.

So, while summer sizzles, our spirit can soar!

My blog series this summer is simple… each week I will write a word of truth about who God says we are, and I challenge you to take that word of Truth and commit it to your mind and heart with me!

First Word of TRUTH:

I am a beloved child of God held in His arms.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.”  Psalm 143:8

As we step into Summer, I pray that whether you are a Lover of Sun or a Lover of Rain, you will know that you are loved by God!



Speak Truth Love

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