Yes, it is still February, AKA “LOVEUARY.” In case you thought you could close your eyes and all this “lovey dovey” stuff would be over, it’s not! But even if it is not your favorite time of the year, there is good news! You still have time to accept the Love Challenge for the month of February and demonstrate the Love of God to someone!

This week we are going to get “All Shook Up!”  That’s right, I went there…

Elvis Presley blurted out the words loud and clear in one of his most popular songs, ‘All Shook up.’ I can quote every line and verse to that popular song from the 1960’s. Not because Elvis Presley was among my era of singers, but because he was one of my Father’s favorites. My dad had a similar look to Elvis. My dad had jet black hair, a chizled and very handsome face, crystal blue eyes, and an athletic build. True, his voice was no where near the voice of Elvis, but that did not stop him from blurting the words to this song out at the top of his lungs…

“Well, please don’t ask me what’s on my mind

I’m a little mixed up, but I’m feeling fine

When I’m near that girl that I love best

My heart beats so it scares me to death.”

At that point my sister’s and I would jump in and we would all sing the chorus together;


We would laugh and dance around and feel the love of our Father. Those were the good times! 

There were bad times too. There were times when we literally felt “All Shook Up,” as my father would be absent or angry. His exuberant, fun-loving nature could turn on a dime and we would be “All Shook Up.”  

As I grew up, and wisdom and maturity helped me sift through the good and the bad, I realized my father loved me very much. I remember clearly God speaking to me and asking me to have “COMPASSION” on my father. I immediately retorted back to God, “Why me? He’s the father.”  

With complete love and compassion, God reminded me that because He has shown compassion to me, I can show it to others. 

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills removed, yet my unfailing LOVE

for you WILL NOT BE SHAKEN not my covenant of peace be removed, says the 

Lord, who has COMPASSION on you.”       

                                               Isaiah 54:10

We all get “SHOOK UP” from time to time. Changes, circumstances and even catastrophes can leave us grasping for equilibrium! But hold on friend, because the unshakeable, unfailing compassionate love of our God will never be removed!

Now it’s our turn. Compassion has been shown to us, let’s show it to others!

God helped me show love and compassion to my earthly father through forgiveness. When I took a step back from the pain, and what I believed was the injustice of his treatment toward me, I was able to demonstrate God’s compassion to my dad and love him like Jesus loves me. It was not perfect, but it was good! I love to say that my dad was a good dad, he loved his girls, but my dad was an incredible Papa!  Because my sisters and I demonstrated compassion to my dad, he was forgiven and freed up to LOVE his grandchildren BIG!


Demonstrate God’s LOVE through COMPASSION this week to someone who needs it. Not necessarily deserves it, but needs it!



It’s time to do some SHAKING friends. The world needs to be All Shook Up with the compassion and love of Jesus!


Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “LOVE CHALLENGE, WEEK 2

  1. Wow, this was one that hit so close to home for me. Thank you Lisa. My Dad did his best too. It wasn’t what I needed but, looking back, I had a greater Father that always had me safe in his arms. Big hugs my friend!


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