I AM, Week 2

As we continue in the “I AM” statements of Jesus, there is one that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. One that makes me feel like a young child again, cared for and protected.

One of my favorite childhood memories was being carried from the car by my dad, into my room and tucked under the covers of my bed. I felt loved, protected, cared for, warm and cozy. It was not only the covers that made me feel warm, but the care and protection from my dad to make me feel secure and safe. I loved this so much when I was little, that I must confess, there were times I faked being asleep so that my dad would carry me into bed!

I believe this feeling is innate in all of us, and not just when we are children. We crave the feeling of warmth, security and love no matter what our age is.

The “I AM” I am talking about feels to me like Jesus Himself is tucking us in and keeping us safe. He not only tucks us in, He Himself lays across the entrance and becomes the gate for us!

“Very truly I tell you, I AM the gate for the sheep.”  John 10:7

In the ancient world where Jesus walked on this earth, the sheep pens held the sheep safely at night and there was only one entrance. The walls of the pen allowed the sheep to sleep safe and secure at night keeping dangers out.

In those days during the pasturing season, shelters would have been temporary as they traveled. In these temporary shelters the shepherd himself would lie across the opening 

during the night and literally become the “gate” for the sheep. 

In this I AM statement, Jesus is claiming to be the GATE for us. He is our protection!

We can have life and have it to the full as we are safe and secure in His protection.



Sleep warm and secure my friends knowing Jesus is protecting you!

Speak Truth Love

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