God’s Word tells us that whatever is in our heart is what comes out of our mouths!

“For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.”  Matthew 12:34

That is the New Living Translation,NLT. I also love the way the the New International Version, NIV puts it…

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”   Matthew 12:34

Have you ever had anyone say to you, “You are just full of it?”

I have and I hope my response would be, YES, I am “full of it,” full of God’s Love and Truth. But of course the TRUTH is, I am not always full of God’s Love and Truth. Therefore, what comes out of my mouth is not always kind and loving.

I am blessed to have four beautiful grandchildren. From the time the first one was born, I was uttering the words, “Always be kind and loving.” “That is how others will know that you love Jesus.” My point was to teach them this very principle. When we act kind and loving, we are acting like Jesus. When we act like Jesus, His Love and Truth fills our hearts. When our hearts are filled with His Love and Truth, good things pour out of our mouths.  

Don’t believe me? Just look at the Word of God!

In a world full of hurtful things and hurtful people (which we can also be at times), we can all fall prey to a hurt, broken or spiteful heart. God does not want this for us! God desires that we pour His Truth and Love into our hearts and demonstrate His kind and loving ways so that our hearts will be full of all of His goodness. Then, even when we are hard-pressed, challenged, disappointed, discouraged, let-down and hurt, the goodness of God we have filled our hearts with will pour out of our mouths.



The beauty of loving and kind words pouring out is that they can heal, bless and mend another broken, sad, hurting heart. You may actually be helping someone else to fill their heart back up with Goodness to allow it to overflow out of their mouths!

God’s Truths never return void my friends! They are True today, yesterday, tomorrow and forever!

Speak Truth Love

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