Hot August Nights, Week 3

Here we are, in the middle of August, and it’s still hot!

Have you heard it said that heat can make our temperatures rise? It’s true! And this occurs not just physically but emotionally as well. Because this phenomenon is true, I have a question for you…when is the last time that you have felt insulted?  

For the majority of us it may have been a week away, a day away, or even moments away.

God in his wisdom, has created us as emotional beings. Those emotions in and of themselves are not bad.  It is what we do with them and how we use them, that can be good or bad. We all receive insults, whether intended or unintended, in our lives.  But if we identify with Christ, and we are called to live like him. Therefore what we do with these insults becomes vitally important!  

In the book of first Peter, it is laid out clear for us how we are to respond to insults.

Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing. That is what God has called you to do, and he will grant you his blessing.

1 Peter 3:9

That word “instead” stops me in my tracks. It implies that I am doing something incorrect that I need to make correct. This response, in my own human flesh, is impossible. But with God all things are possible. Only by God’s Spirit living and active in me can I accomplish this correction. Nowhere in my life has this been practiced and proven true more than in my marriage. 

My husband and I are very different. And it

Is not an understatement to say that we

Do not always see eye to eye. Given that I am a passionate person by nature and take words very seriously, I could feel insulted almost every day. But knowing my husband’s heart and character and knowing that his heart is not to insult me, I can take a step back, take a deep breath, say a quiet prayer, and respond with a blessing instead of retaliating with an insult. This is easier said than done but with the power of God’s Spirit living in us, we can do it! One of my favorite quotes from my husband is: “It is instant oatmeal to say, and brain surgery to do.”  

The proof of this truth by God, put in to constant practice, is our marriage. We celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Relationships are not easy.

They take much effort, a lot of prayer, and self control, also known as taming your tongue. But living our lives by God’s directive, and not the world’s, we can accomplish good and right relationships through His power!



Hot August Night Sizzler #3: Return a blessing for an insult!

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