I just returned home from our Summer vacation and realized that I had, had a ball!

WE laughed, we ate, we ran, we played, we even worshipped together. What I did not do however was SIT! 

Sure, I “sat” down to eat and was technically “sitting.” However, the entire time I was talking, chewing and getting up and down as I made sure everyone had everything they needed. I also “sat” on a beach chair at the beach for moments at a time as I watched my grandchildren ride the waves. Let me tell you, that was the most nervous sitting I have ever done! My back was arched, my neck was strained and my body kept leaping to my feet as I strained to make sure I could see where they were at all times!

There were other moments of “sitting” of course, but each moment was accompanied by other thoughts and actions.
This is not the kind of “SITTING” I am talking about. When you look up the word ‘SIT’ in the dictionary it may surprise you that there are several definitions. 

The first definition is the most obvious:
“To rest with the body supported by the buttocks or thighs; AKA; to be seated.”
The second is also pretty familiar:
“To be located or situated.”
But it is the third definition that made me “SIT up and take notice!” Pun completely intended!
“To remain quiet or inactive.”

I can clearly state that this was not on my agenda for vacation. We had so much fun! I love being active and my family does too! We are famous for packing in as much activity as possible, to every single day we have together. And we did! I am not complaining whatsoever. I would not have it any other way. But as I SAT to write this weeks’ Blog on Summer Steppin, I realized I was lacking the discipline of SITTING!

I ran around the house after returning home like a hummingbird extracting nectar from one flower and then the next.  Unpack this, throw that in the washing machine, carry this upstairs, run downstairs and put this away, and, oh yes, write your Blog!  My heart was racing so fast that the only part of me that could keep up with it was my mind that was spinning out of control with my virtual “To Do List!”  

Suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of one of the framed verses on my family room wall…


It hit me like a brick on the top of my head…In order to hear from God you must, BE STILL!  Sit down, be inactive and remain quiet.
This truly is a discipline and one I need to exercise more frequently.
It is wonderful and even important to have fun! It is certainly important to spend quality time with family. But fun in the sun, and quality time with my family does not equate to sitting and spending time with God.
In your crazy, fun, Summer escapades, be sure to include the discipline of sitting and spending time being quiet and still before God.




Happy sitting friends!

Speak Truth Love

One thought on “SUMMER SITTIN

  1. I am a witness to how much you do on vacation friend! You give a lot and seldom did you get rest! You will have to take a retreat here on your own for a few days this year and bring your Bible and sit on the beach quiet with me! When I visit you soon, let’s sit quiet one morning at Bodega Bay please! I would love to see that beautiful site as I sit quietly with God.


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