Plans Interrupted

It hurts so bad when God’s plans are not mine! Problem is, that’s backwards.

My plans need to be God’s!

That’s the way it is meant to work!

We are such planners. That is a nice way of saying “control freaks!”

We want everything to go according to our plan. Afterall, we have planned it all out!

Then comes in the nasty but true truth about us, SELFISHNESS! 

We are born with a human nature that yearns for what we want, when we want it, and how we want it! That can be the “not so pretty” part of our control. We do not want anyone or anything changing or interrupting our plans!

How do you think Mary felt when the Angel Gabriel came to her and said, “The Wedding is off?”

All your plans and dreams that you have been creating since your engagement to Joseph, they’re over. Cancel the venue, tell the caterer you won’t need them, call the guests and let them know they don’t need to show up, and that white dress you have longed to wear, you won’t be needing that, you will be pregnant by the Holy Spirit!

WOW, my head is spinning at the thought. My heart is broken by the disappointment she must have felt at her plans falling apart around her!

What did Mary do when her plans unraveled in the blink of an eye, or more accurately, in the breath of an angel’s announcement?

She did not throw a tantrum, demand her way or hold onto her control…


Let it be to me according to your Word.

Luke 1:38

What is our response to God when our plans are interrupted? Do we throw tantrums, stomp our feet, and get upset that things didn’t go our way? Do we pout, feel sorry for ourselves, or even worse, do we get angry and allow our emotions to rule the day? In this year, 2020, we’ve had lots of practice…little, if anything, has gone our way.

Our response should be like that of Marys. Lord God, let your plans be my plans, and not the other way around! 

Truth Bomb

God’s plans are always best even when our plans are interrupted!

Christmas is in just three days, we celebrate God’s GREATEST plan coming to live among us! Immanuel, God with us! I pray you are wrapped up warmly in His love this Christmas!

Speak Truth Love

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