Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his faithful love endures forever.”  Psalm 107:1 

Whether truth is masked, manipulated, distorted, or tainted, it is still the truth. Truth is not relative. Truth in and of itself, at its essence, is fact. It does not depend on someone agreeing with it, or liking it. Truth does not depend on someone getting their way. Truth is truth. Truth does not depend on someone even liking it or not. Truth is truth!

The Word of God is Truth, with a capital “T.” We are celebrating this week a day set aside once a year in our country to give thanks to God.  Despite contradictions to the truth, this day was originally deemed a holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1864, to allow the American people to pause and reflect and give thanks for the blessings God has given. This year has been dubbed the year that needs a do-over. The year 2020 has been wrought with one struggle and frustration after another! Yet, the Truth remains. We have more to be thankful for than most, and less to complain about. At times like this, when to quote my granddaughter, “The struggle is real,” I find my mind reflecting on the simple truths taught to me by my grandma. When times are tough, and you feel discouraged, disappointed or beat up, remember to “count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what God has done!” God’s word of Truth promises us that He is faithful. We give thanks to him because He is good, and His faithfulness remains forever!


God’s faithfulness is not dependent on our gratitude!

This Thanksgiving, as you sit down to gobble up your turkey, and chow down on that delicious pumpkin pie, instead of complaining about the year that needs a do-over, I hope you will, along with me, count your many blessings, and truly see what God has done! God is faithful, my friends. His word is Truth. We have more to be thankful for than to complain about!

Happy Day of Giving Thanks!

Speak Truth Love

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