Fall has finally fallen!  It is here! The colors on the trees have begun to change, football has started, the coffee drinks are boasting of shots of pumpkin spice, and I see fall flowers, gourds and pumpkins decorating front porches. Then why does it still feel like Fall is looming but has not yet landed?

Is it because the outside temps are still sizzling (at least here in California) and it feels like Summer will never end?

Is it because the humidity is still so high that my hair falls flat the minute I style it and my clothes stick to every part of my body?

Is it because nothing started on time like usual, not school or sports?

Is it because the climate around our world feels unsettled and not fresh and calm like the first day of fall?

Maybe one or all of these factors play a part and maybe you could add a few of your own.

This year has been one for the record books, and one I do not think any of us want to repeat!

It is so easy to allow the negative events of our lives to take over and demand our full attention! But I am convinced that God wants the opposite from us.

Instead of listening to the loudest voices around us, I believe God is calling us to listen to His Voice as it whispers softly, “I Am Still In Control.”

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right and when you turn to the left.”  Isaiah 30:21

Friends, I believe that too many times we allow our ears to listen to the loudest voice around us and then are influenced to walk in those ways.

God wants His voice to be the primary voice we listen to! Problem is, He doesn’t shout,

He whispers. Isaiah calls it, “A Still Small Voice.

God whispers to us, are we listening?  Or are we allowing the loud shouts of the world to be our greatest influence?

In a study I did by Lysa Terkeurst she put it this way…




The loud voices will always be around us, often making us feel like our favorite seasons may never arrive.

 However, we must chose to listen to the still small voice of God as it whispers, “I AM IN CONTROL AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY TO GO!”

Speak Truth Love

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