Have you ever learned a Life Lesson that has stuck with you? I mean the kind of lesson that you knew was directly from God and He wanted you to pay very close attention to it!

I learned this kind of a Life Lesson when I was a missionary in Chile. I was thrust in a country where EVERYTHING was different! The language they spoke was not my native language.The food they ate was not what my palate was accustomed to. The grocery stores did not contain the foods on my “normal” shopping list. In fact, it took half a day to make the rounds to each individual store that held the items to complete my list! They shook hands differently than I did. They greeted each other differently than I did. They raised their children differently than I did…

I think you are getting the picture!

They did everything differently than I did!

On top of all of that, they did not look like me! 

My first natural, human response was to put the entire country into a box that fit my understanding. In my mind, they were WRONG and I was RIGHT!

That was when God spoke His undeniable Truth into my life and taught me a Life Lesson I have never forgot…



 “Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters.”  

Romans 14:1   

 “Disputable matters” are non essential values that Christ followers may have. In and of themselves, they are not right, or wrong. “Good” Christians may differ, without being right or wrong. In movie terms, some people like romantic comedies, and some people like westerns or spy thrillers. 

Differences are not rights and wrongs, and they are to be celebrated!  

When we celebrate the differences that God has given to each of us, it creates a beautiful mosaic and begins to mimic the way God intended us to be.

As we approach each other with acceptance in who God created us to be, we begin to listen, learn and grow from one another. We begin to love each other the way God wants us to. And we can watch the fear, the anger and hatred melt away and be replaced by love and acceptance. 

I’m different from you, and you’re different from me. Let’s celebrate that, for it’s the way God intended us to be!

Speak Truth Love


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