Saying Goodbye is hard!

My husband likes to say that no one likes change but a wet baby! I think he’s right! Most of us like waking up in the morning and knowing the way things are. We check our weather apps to make sure we anticipate the kind of day we’re heading into. We check our calendars the night before and schedule our day accordingly. If an unanticipated need or call arises we simply can’t fit it in. After all, we’ve already planned our day! And if at the conclusion of our day, things did not go “as planned“ then we chalk it up to a “Bad Day!”

If we are being totally honest with ourselves we have to admit that at the core of our being we don’t like change!

So what happens to us when we have to say goodbye?

When someone we love moves away and change is inevitable!

In our search to find contentment this cannot only rock our boat, it can capsize it!

Is contentment even possible when life throws hard changes our way?

The answer is yes!

Contentment may not come easily, but it is available to us when our trust is in the Lord!

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1

Did you catch that? It’s not an option when we follow Jesus to have our hearts be troubled! There is a period after the first statement in this verse,


Period. Do NOT let your hearts be troubled!

It is a direct statement from God to us.

When we trust in Him our hearts are to be at peace, and at rest. We are not to live in a troubled state. The Bible goes on to say, as those who have no hope. We know where our hope comes from! Our hope comes from the Lord not in our circumstances and not in our world where things are changing on the daily!

But God does not leave us hanging! Right after this statement is the answer on how to not let our hearts be troubled…


When you put your TRUST in God first, then

Entrust you’re loved ones to God, you find CONTENTMENT!

There is no candy coating it, when we have to say goodbye to those we love, it hurts! It also brings CHANGE that is uninvited and very disruptive!

Not only is our schedule disrupted, but when our loved ones are no longer near us, our hearts are disrupted!

I can say with a pure heart that a mother’s heart finds true contentment when she entrusts her children’s hearts to God!


Knowing your loved ones belong to God eases the goodbye and brings true contentment to your soul!

So in this season as we say “goodbye“ to our son, daughter-in-law and precious granddaughter, we are content in knowing they are in God’s hands and there is no better place to be!




Trusting in God with all of our hello’s and Goodbye’s brings true contentment and is the only path to travel down!

Mark that down in your Travel Journal!

Trust in God, and believe me, you will find contentment!

Speak Truth Love

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