This Easter Sunday looked like no other Easter Sunday in my lifetime!

At Easter time my mind is usually full of questions of preparation. Preparations for gathering together. 

What will our Easter services be like?

What will I fill the Easter baskets with? 

Do I have enough Easter eggs to hide for the Easter egg hunt with the kids?

What will I wear to church on Easter Sunday? 

What will I cook for Easter dinner? 

How many people will gather together, and will I have all of the ingredients to make it the perfect Easter celebration?

Did I remember to buy all of the toppings so the grandkids can decorate the Easter bunny cake?

Did we order the honey baked ham that is my son-in-law‘s favorite?

And most importantly, do we have enough Martinelli‘s sparkling cider to go around?

After all, I do live in Sonoma County now and Martinelli‘s is right around the corner!

Not one of these Easter questions that have run through my mind on every Easter I’ve been alive on this planet, ran through my head this year!

This year the coronavirus stopped me from gathering at all!

As I sat for a moment in my grief at the loss of gathering and doing the things I am used to doing on Easter, my spirit was checked.

I felt my spirit awakened to the truth that the real Easter is UNSTOPPABLE!

No lack of gathering for Easter services, Easter dinners, Easter baskets, or Easter egg hunts could stop the UNSTOPPABLE resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Not wars, not famine‘s, not earthquakes, not natural disasters, and not viruses can stop our unstoppable God!

Easter DID happen this year my friends! It may have looked different than any other Easter that we have celebrated! But the truth of Easter is an empty grave and victory over death! Our God is unstoppable and if we believe in him we are unstoppable too!

I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!”  Matthew 16:18

This virus has gone on longer than any of us anticipated. It has caused us to change and adjust many of the ways we do things! But what it should never do is defeat us!  

As one of my favorite Pastors said on Easter Sunday morning, “We should never live in the attitude of defeat asking, ‘what if?’ because we serve a risen Savior, and UNSTOPPABLE God, we should live in the attitude of, ‘even though!’”

Even though I cannot gather at church on Easter Sunday, Jesus has still risen from the dead!

Even though I cannot gather with my extended family and have Easter dinner, my family loves me and I love them!

Even though my Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts may look very different this year, I still celebrate that all things are made new through the resurrection of Jesus Christ!




Things may look very different for a time my friends. But it is temporary!

What lasts forever is Christ’s Victory on the cross! Abuse could not stop Him! Ridicule could not stop Him! Torture could not stop Him! Separation could not stop Him!



And we are UNSTOPPABLE through Him!

Speak Truth Love

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