Are you still in the state of excitement and optimism as you enter this new year of 2020?

Are you encouraged by the posts and ads you see every ten seconds or so to be a better version of you?

Are you inspired to lose weight with that new diet? Are you jazzed about jumping into that new exercise routine? Have you bought that new make-up line that is sure to improve your complexion and get rid of those wrinkles? Have you been convinced to change your hairstyle or hair color and become the “New You” you were meant to be?”

If you fall into the camp of excited and optimistic about the New You and the changes you can make to make you better, than you stay encouraged and “GO GIRL!”

But if you, like me, fall into the category of overwhelmed, discouraged and possibly even defeated before you begin, there are some words I would love to share with you!

“I fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well.”                               Psalm 139:14

I am by nature a “GO GETTER!” I love a challenge. I have competition in my blood line, and I love the phrase “NEVER SAY DIE!”  I have approached each and every New Year with zeal and positivity in committing to “make myself better!” 

But this year I heard God’s still small voice saying to me, “YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!”

Friends, honestly, I NEVER feel good enough! I try. I know in my head I am good enough, but somehow that feeling never sinks deep down into my heart!

I’m always trying to be better. I’m always working at working harder! And somehow in the middle of all of the hard work, I seem to convince myself that I CAN DO IT!

For example, a few years back I decided to run the LA half Marathon. Now this may sound like no big deal to you as you are probably assuming I was a runner. I wasn’t!

Oh, I would like to have put myself in the “RUNNERISH” category, if that is a category, but truth is, I had only run a 5k, and not with flying colors. I have always been “athletic” and kept myself moving, but a runner, only in my dreams!  However, when the idea was posed to me to run this half marathon, I did not hesitate! About a month before the race I started to imagine myself making it one mile, two miles and then fading off into the sunset as all of the other runners passed me by!  I decided this could not happen and so I asked my husband to run in the evenings with me!

Mind you, He is a runner! He graciously said he would, and for the next several weeks I built myself up to 6 miles. I did not run fast, but I kept moving! Now in case you are not familiar with half marathons, they are 13.1 miles long. This means that one week out before the race, I was running less than half of the half marathon I was about to run. Did I let that stop me?  NO WAY! I determined I would run this race if it killed me, and it very well might!

My son called the day before the race and said “Mom I’m praying for you, I know you will do great!”  I thanked him and said, “I hope I’m ready.” His comment back to me, stuck in my mind like glue, and made me think!  He replied; “I have no doubt you will do well, your strong will and determination would allow for nothing less.”

I ran the race and I finished in really good time. I was not sore, nor did I pull any muscles. I actually showered and made it to church later that morning.

But, I did not and have not run a full marathon, which was my next goal. I realized that I was not a runner even though I was in decent shape. I did accomplish a goal and that was good, but I was accomplishing it for selfish reasons. I wanted to look good, I wanted to paste that sticker on the back of my SUV, “13.1,” I wanted others to notice my looks and achievements. Achievements I had accomplished on my own stubborn will and desire. I realized then that I was still not believing the words of my Heavenly Father, “Lisa, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!”

Several years have passed and I’m still struggling to achieve enough, look good enough, and just plain “Be Enough.” While God is still trying to get my attention and whisper the words I long to hear,…


“I made you!”

“You are PERFECT!”

“I formed you in your mother’s womb!”

“I know you inside and out!”

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and you are GOOD ENOUGH!”

So, please do not let me discourage you from all of the good and healthy new habits you are encouraged to take on!  Taking good care of the temples God gave us is important! But I propose a NEW, New Year’s Resolution!

Instead of a “NEW YOU,” realize you are “GOOD ENOUGH” and live another Sensational Year of You!



You are Sensational because you are fearfully and wonderfully made!


You are perfect just the way you are!


Speak Truth Love

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