SPIRITUAL DETOX: Conclusion, Week 13

How many of you like endings?

Are you the type that skips to the last chapter of the book, and reads the ending first?

Maybe you are the one who sneaks around the house at Christmas time trying to find your present before it is placed under the tree on Christmas morning!

You may even like it when someone tells you the end of the movie before you go and see it.

If that is you, then my friend, you have just met your opposite!

I HATE all form of endings!

I know it’s not nice to say hate, but there is not another word that better describes my feeling for endings!

I hate knowing the ending of a good book before I get there. In fact, If the ending were told to me I would probably put the book down before finishing it! 

If someone crosses the sacred line of “spoiler alert” and tells me the ending of a movie before I go and see it, it ruins the movie for me. And don’t get me started on Christmas Morning…do not even consider messing with the sacredness of walking out in a sleepy haze, wiping the drowsiness out of your eyes, grabbing that warm cup of coffee or cocoa topped with whipped cream (because of course it’s Christmas), and feeling the excited anticipation of opening your presents (for the first time), nestled under your Christmas Tree!

I am a sentimental traditionalist at heart! I love the entire process that leads to a “Happy Ending!”  

The problem with my personality and love for the process and happy ending is, it’s still an ending.

A great book, as wonderful as the reading of it was, still comes to an end. A spectacular movie, as thrilling as it was to watch, still comes to an end. And the ONLY sad part of Christmas for me, is that it eventually comes to an end!

So, how does a pathetic, sentimental fool like me deal with endings?  I must remember the process!

I remember the excited anticipation of turning the next page in the book I read, as I allow the characters and plot to dance in my memory.  I recall the shrill of surprise as the true villain in the movie was revealed and the victory that was felt when he was defeated! And I hold the most precious of all, my memories of Christmas, every cookie baked, every cup of cocoa sipped and every present wrapped and unwrapped, in my mind and heart all year long!

Today we come to the end of our SPIRITUAL DETOX series. The sentimental side of me wants nothing to do with it.

Let’s just keep it going. Surely I can come up with 12 more weeks of TRUTHS to detox the LIES of the enemy! Surely we can share more stories of lies we have been told, believed, and live with. Surely this is not the end!

Although It is the end of this series, the most important part of it is about to begin! The process has to happen for any results to occur. We have shared 12 weeks together facing the Lies and detoxing them with God’s TRUTH! The change will come in the PROCESS and the process is daily.

Daily feels so daily, doesn’t it! 

Well, that’s because it is! I am going to confess something to you…I HATE DAILY! I have the attitude of working hard for something, accomplishing it and being rewarded for it. TRANSLATED this means: I worked hard, put in the blood, sweat and tears, got the result I worked for and now I can enjoy! AKA, I DID IT! I’M DONE!

The problem with this philosophy is that it does not stay “DONE” unless I continue the process. I have experienced this in so many areas of my life, dieting, exercise, gardening…just to name a few. If the process is not continued in any of these ventures, the results do not stick!

In order for our Spiritual Detox to stick so that we do not become stuck in the muck and mire of ugly lies about who we truly are, we must DETOX THE DEADLY TOXINS DAILY!

So, my dear Sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for The Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.”  

I Corinthians 15:58

You already know the process, you now just stick with it!

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”                    Galatians 6:9

Continue to take every lie (thought) captive, and detox (replace) it with God’s TRUTH!

God’s TRUTH will set us free!




So, even though I don’t like, well we have already established, I HATE, endings. The only endings I find tolerable are HAPPY ENDINGS! And while I love Hallmark and Disney, I know the only true happy ending comes through Jesus and His TRUTH!

So, in conclusion of our series that I have loved dearly, if you want to stay toxin free, stay in The Truth, it will always result in a HAPPY ENDING!

Stay strong and complete the process! God’s TRUTH will always triumph over the lie of the enemy! The KING is ALIVE my friends!

Speak Truth Love

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