SPIRITUAL DETOX: Week 11, God cares about me, and my problems.

Do you ever feel like you are one of “those” people?

You know, the ones that are always at the top of every prayer request list. The ones who walk around with their head bowed out of a “poor me” attitude. The ones who seem to have that dark cloud that follows them wherever they go. Even if the sun is out and there is not a cloud in the sky, they carry an umbrella!

The ones who live life with a “cup half empty” attitude, instead of a “cup half full” attitude. 

I feel like that sometimes, and I hate it when I do! I want to be that person who lifts others up. Who shines her joy at all times and who others do not run away from when they see me coming!

But life happens, and this world does not always serve up iced buttercream cupcakes on a silver platter followed by a cappuccino chaser. Alougth, I would love it if it did!

God knows that and He cares! God cares about my problems. The very best part is that He not only cares about my problems, He is right there with me going through them.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”    I Peter 5:7

Another version uses the word ANXIETY, instead of worries.

Anxiety…sound familiar? Anxiety in our world is at an all time high!  We are not simply treating adults for anxiety these days, we are treating children as well and even animals.

Anxiety is an epidemic in our culture and is raging out of control!

Why, you might ask?

The answer lies in the following verse:

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”   1 Peter 5:8

Anxiety is defined as: “Distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear or danger or misfortune.”


I heard a brilliant Pastor recently preach a message on fear and anxiety! (I happen to be married to him! Great perk!)  He quoted a statistic that over 85% of what we worry about never even happens!

You do the math! That means we are wasting a lot of valuable time with fear, worry and anxiety. Not to mention the myraid of issues and problems that stem from our worry and anxiety!

So you ask HOW? How do we handle fear anxiety and worry? 

We DETOX the lie of the enemy that says, “God helps those who help themselves, He doesn’t care about me and my problems.”

And we live out the TRUTH, that we are to “give all of our worries and cares to God, because He cares about me!”




Lie # 11– God doesn’t want me to bother Him with my problems. God helps those who help themselves.

Truth #11– God cares about me, and my problems.

Detox the LIE by replacing it with God’s Truth! God cares about every single detail of your life my friend. He knows we live in a world full of fear, trouble, struggle and a whole lot of other negatives. He knows that it produces anxiety, worry and stress in us. But our loving, gracious, all-powerful God has provided the antidote! When we look to Him, trust in Him, Pray to Him and give Him our worries, He cares for us and allows us to stand firm in our faith.

Allow God’s TRUTH to be louder in your life as you give Him your cares and feel Him care for you!

Speak Truth Love

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