SPIRITUAL DETOX, Week 1: You Are Loved

Are you ready to be Free?  Are you ready to begin this SPIRITUAL DETOX with me?

Did you wake up thinking, ‘Today is the Day! Let’s Go!’ or, ‘Is today the day? Oh boy, here we go!’

No matter what frame of mind you are beginning this in, you are beginning it!

One day at a time my friend, putting one foot in front of the other. You are not alone! WE can do this together! As we get started, I want you to know something very important. You have a re-set button. That’s right, any day or time that you need to press, re-start, you can!

My favorite definition of re-start, is “to become set again.”

My commitment to this Summer Spiritual Detox is to be RESETTABLE! To know that even when I have a hard day, blow it, feel discouraged, and that I can’t “keep on keeping on,” I can reset my commitment to God and this detox and keep moving forward!

I have HOPE friends! Do you?

I heard a quote from one of my favorite pastors that said, “Commitment is the key to HOPE!”

As we commit to this Spiritual Detox today and each and every day we do it, we have HOPE that we will be cleaned from the inside out and “FREE FROM,” anything and everything that pollutes!

As we begin, I want to reiterate the reason for and the need of a Spiritual Detox.

God asks us to be ‘FREE FROM’ anything that pollutes, corrupts, stains, soils, or distracts from what is good and right.

Philippians 4:8 is our verse that guides and directs us through our Spiritual Detox.

Finally Sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – is anything excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.

Distraction is such a BIG problem in our world today. With immediate gratification and information at your fingertips, literally a swipe away, it becomes more and more difficult to concentrate on anything that is not flashing, changing or presenting a massive amount of color and pixels per second! Yet, concentration and focus is exactly what I believe God is calling us to. We must reflect on God’s Truth to know what lie we are holding onto that is polluting our mind, body and soul! And, may I be so bold as to even suggest, beyond that, God is asking us to take the time to “BE STILL,” and listen to His Spirit reveal the lie, so that we can detox from it by replacing it with His TRUTH!

I have come across an amazing book on the subject of detoxing spiritually. It is a book written by Craig Groeschel called, ‘Soul Detox.’ In it he takes this commitment of “living clean in a contaminated world,” seriously and does an incredible job of guiding us through the process. I am going to be reading it through this Summer Detox, and I highly recommend it to you as well.  I will be quoting from it as we go and I am looking forward to the experience. However, my focus on the Blog will be the issue I believe we as women struggle with the most. I believe that it haunts us to our very core and keeps us from approaching this or any other challenge in our lives with full force!

That is the problem of LIES! The lies that have been spoken to us, about us, and over us from others. Also, the lies we speak over ourselves. Yes, you heard me right! The lies that we believe about ourselves that we believe so wholeheartedly that when we hear the TRUTH from God that destroys the lie, we say things like, “I know that is true, but not of me because I am…”, or “I know God’s Word is Truth, but because I am this…, it does not apply to me.”

Or maybe the most frightening aspect of all; we say nothing at all.

When we hear the Truth and believe in our minds that it is the Truth, we are silent. Because we have already dismissed it the moment we heard it. We have allowed the Lie to become bigger than the Truth! The Truth never even had a chance to replace the lie. We have made the Lie our truth.

So, our Summer Spiritual Detox on the Blog is replacing that Lie with God’s Truth.

We will look at a new Spiritual Truth each week and will work on replacing or detoxing, the lies we hold onto that are contrary to God’s Truth about us.

We will work each week on one Truth and on detoxing one lie by speaking God’s Word of Truth over that lie daily.

Here we Go!

Lie Number One: I am unwanted!

Get rid of that toxic lie. God loves you, chose you, and sent His Son to die for you!

TRUTH Number One: I am Loved By God!

Replace the lie with this Truth:

Even before He made the world, God loved us and choose us.”  Ephesians 1:4

But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ.”  Ephesians 2:4-5




Get rid of the lie that you are not wanted. God loves you so much that He chose you before the foundation of the earth. Then He proved it by dying on the cross for you. That is how wanted you are!

Repeat these verses over and over again as you let go of the lie, and breath in The Truth!

Day one friend! You did it! Congratulations!

Remember, Hope comes with commitment. Commit to speak these words of Truth over yourself all week. Detox the lie, and replace it with The Truth!

Let’s Go!

Speak Truth Love

2 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL DETOX, Week 1: You Are Loved

  1. Thank you Lisa! So excited to do this with you! This part really hit me with some truth: “We must reflect on God’s Truth to know what lie we are holding onto that is polluting our mind, body and soul! And, may I be so bold as to even suggest, beyond that, God is asking us to take the time to “BE STILL,” and listen to His Spirit reveal the lie, so that we can detox from it by replacing it with His TRUTH!” So good!

    I’ve been working on this and God has revealed to me what it is! Now I must be obedient and replace it with truth. The hard part is that this lie is so familiar and has been around so long that breaking up with it will be so hard to do. It’s sad that we hold on to lies we know are bad out of habit or fear of what life will be like when we are free of it. Such a crafty trick by the enemy.

    Committed and hopeful! Kelly


  2. So proud of you Friend!!! Here we go!!!!

    God is good, He loves us so and He will supply all our needs!!!

    He will replace the old lies with His Truth!!!

    In this with you wholeheartedly!


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